Tomorrowland is one the most storied names in electronic dance music. The landmark festival is held in Belgium but has expanded globally in the past years. After not finding not much luck in Brazil and the US it appears for a couple reasons, that Tomorrowland is moving towards hosting a new winter edition festival in France starting at 2019.

The Facts

One piece evidence, which more or less confirms the plans for a winter festival is that the domain – “” – has been bought by Tomorrowland. While some my dismiss this as a company buying up all relevant domains for their brand name, there is more…

A ski resort in the French Alps called Alpe d’Huez has ficially started to look for local ambassadors to sell tickets for TomorrowLand Winter. While the project has yet to be ficially announced by LiveStyle the website has confirmed it's existence. The festival explains the event as follows:

“A unique combination: the experience Tomorrowland festival and the opportunity to ski in the most beautiful ski resort Europe. An integral fusion between music, ski and nature.”

Check out more details at the ficial website for Alpe d’Huez as we patiently await more details from Tomorrowland HQ.