A decade later, Tommie Sunshine and Disco Fries‘ hit single “Don't Look Back” is still making waves in the music scene. Today, a massive rework of “Don't Look Back” via Vicious Recordings hit the airwaves by Australian artists, Sgt Slick and Gerd Janson. The two track remix pack is now available on all streaming platforms. The remix pack has already received early support from Spotify, Beatport and New In Dance on Apple Music

Sgt Slick says: “I always loved playing the original of this when it came out way back, and especially loved that vocal filter trick that comes after the chorus “no-no-no-no” so I knew I had to keep that in my remix. Besides that I always thought the vocal delivery was really soulful and smooth, so I built up a super disco backing with a big string hook and basically treated it like a sample, filtering it in and out and playing it off the vocal hooks. It's been going over really well down here in Australia!”

The remix pack starts off with Gerd Janson’s new school take on club sounds with both a melodic dreamy vocal mix filled with classic synth and drum sounds. The second track by Sgt Slick is a funky house/disco rendition of the original. The remix pack is a definite must listen during this 4th of July weekend!  

This heavy hitting remix pack is complete with two revamped music videos which feature appearances from Disco Fries’ Nick Ditri and Tommie Sunshine that pay homage to the original 2011 music video. You can find the Gerd Janson music video here and you can view the Sgt Slick music video here.