Epic new anthem ‘Diamonds’ by Australian artist Timmy Trumpet ignites a powerful connection with people in isolation around the globe. The festival favorite DJ, producer, and instrumentalist delivers a work of art uniquely inspired by a brand-new world.

“It’s crazy how being apart is exactly what we need to do to come together,” said Timmy just two weeks ago on social media when announcing Diamonds and the idea for the music video. Timmy debuted ‘Diamonds’ in his first-ever live stream which went viral surpassing 6 million views in less than a week.

“People need hope, love, and positivity in their lives right now and that’s what this record is all about. Seeing how people reacted to my live stream and the idea of collaborating on a music video together has really moved me.”Timmy Trumpet.

Emotive big room melodies bursting out with uptempo beats lays the foundation for this instant future classic. Raw kicks, warm piano chords, and emotionally charged vocals, perfectly underline nowadays' feelings.

The official music video takes us on a jaw-dropping journey of unprecedented empty streets in iconic destinations, and into the homes and lives of music fans connected through music all over the world. The footage was purposely shot by over 500 contributors in 40 countries Zoom meetings, Facetime, social media messages and thousands of emails.

Directed by Shaun David Barker, the video is an inspirational undertaking of multi-cultural digital unity consisting of a team of producers, editors, filmmakers, videographers, photographers, graphic artists and administration professionals.

But most impressive was not how experienced professionals expanded their comfort zones to work within social distancing guidelines and lockdown restrictions. Hundreds of Timmy Trumpet fans collaborated to capture and share authentic moments from their lives.

“The fans are my family and have always been the reason I do what I do, but now more than ever they have shown me just how much they are my everything. If Diamonds spreads a fraction of the endless love they have shown me over the years, we’ve done our job.”Timmy Trumpet

Timmy Trumpet – Diamonds