Tileyard London has launched an immersive listening space for Dolby Atmos playback sessions.

The new area of the Kings Cross studios – named The Gallery – is designed to let music lovers experience the latest albums and scores in the same way that the artist intended and take the listening experience to “a whole new level”.

Described as a space which “truly reflects the future of sound”, The Gallery is equipped with immersive Dolby Atmos playback, as well as Tileyard-selected Dynaudio speakers, installed with the help of Munro Acoustics.

Speaking of the new development, founder of Tileyard London Nick Keynes said that the “immersive appeal” of the space “represents a real first for London and gives albums mixed in Dolby Atmos albums the launchpad they deserve as the next generation of sound for new and legacy songs that we know and love.”

He continued: “I’m excited for the industry and wider creative community to experience The Gallery which sits at the heart of Tileyard London”.

Crowd at Tileyard London following the launch of The Gallery immersive space.
Crowd at Tileyard London following the launch of The Gallery immersive space. CREDIT: Tileyard London

Additionally, Head of Music Partnerships Jane Gillard described the immersive area as a “beautiful and innovative venue”, while Clive Glover, the director of Munro Acoustics agreed, adding: “The space is ideally proportioned for Dolby Atmos, so we were able to create an environment that will allow the maximum number of people to hear and enjoy Dolby Atmos for music at its best.”

He also added: “The Dynaudio Acoustics loudspeaker system, designed by Munro Acoustics in conjunction with Dynaudio, is the latest development of our large format M3 studio system using the new generation of Dynaudio’s superb driver technology. The extreme clarity and solid imaging quality make this an ideal album-launch venue”.

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In a tour of Tileyard earlier this year, the studios – which also are home to TYX, Apple Music 1, Noel Gallagher, The Prodigy and SoundCloud – described themselves to NME as being “designed to be accessible to musicians of all entry points”, allowing musicians to “write, record, mix and master a song, design the artwork, conduct a photo shoot, create online content and promote it on a podcast, all within the same location.”

“The space is designed with the artists at heart, and equipped to overcome the obstacles that gate-keep them from meeting contacts and having access to top equipment,” it read. “As for why Tileyard has also attracted countless industry heavyweights, it is the custom-tailored approach that it takes towards each artist.”

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