Out now through upcoming New York based imprint Spotted Records, Thoreau is back with a booming new collaboritive single with Jeris called “Like We Used To” and it's great. The upbeat, pop friendly festival trap connection shines light on the Denver musician's versatility and talent towards the second half the song where you can hear an acoustic guitar part played by Harry Myers (aka Thoreau) himself. Stream “Like We Used To” below now and under that check out a single by the vocalist on Jeris about their new track.

Denver artist Harry Myers, better known as Thoreau, f


“Like We Used To is a really cool song because it was the first time that I had ever worked with Thoreau and it actually started out with a whole different instrumental. Thoreau then took my vocal and made a whole new instrumental underneath which I think really speaks to his versatility and talent as a producer.” – Jeris