Does the donk on your bedroom playlists scare lovers away? Can’t find a partner whose love of techno matches yours? Last Night A Speed Date Changed My Life: The Music Sounds Better With You has got the backs of all you lost rave-loving souls. Ditch the usual pick-up lines, and on September 11 try out musical speed dating.

Instead of actually talking, simply bring along a pair of headphones and a “desert island playlist” to Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in East London. You’ll be met with an array of other out-of-love singles whose musical appetites are what seem to be holding them back.

In a series of four-minute “pre-dates”, attendees will share the music they love the most before moving on to the next hopeful romantic. You’ll find out if your allegiance to the speed garage era is going to a problem or if it'll fit perfectly with speed dating, and also screen potential flames for ugly secrets. It's probably best not to take this gabber soundtrack, though.

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[Photo: Ritter Butzke]