Berlin's DDR Museum is throwing an exhibition on the city's cultural development post-fall of the Berlin Wall.

Nineties Berlin obviously offers tourists a true window into the hedonist 1990s techno scene that made the German capital what it is today.

Within the exhibition is a 16-minute film showing when East and West Berliners crossed paths and stories recounting the overthrowing of warehouses and factories in use for raving as the city's abandoned East state transformed into a thriving hub for music and art.

There's also a life-size mock-up of the Berlin Wall and focus on the Love Parade movement, with samples of anthems from the likes of Westbam, Felix, D-shake, Kernkraft, Underworld, Faithless and Emmanuel Top.

Tobias Rapp, author of the 2009 book Lost and Sound: Berlin, Techno und der Easyjetset, said: “East Berlin back then wasn’t some kind of subcultural paradise. We had to fight.”

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