The community behind Electric Forest is unlike that most music festivals. It is hard to find a group individuals united by a festival like that the E Forest fam. This is demonstrated time and time again through selfless acts. For example, last year I found a kandi bracelet that had a small piece tinfoil on it containing for small squares paper that in no way contained LSD which someone had left for anyone to find. Since I am in recovery I kept the tradition giving going when I gave them away to a friend. While some doses are a surprising thing to find anywhere – what this legend did last year is about 1000 times cooler than just free drugs.

or u/viridianlion posted that last year they hid various amounts Bitcoin around the forest last summer ranging in amounts from $25 to $250 at the time. That means if someone found on the bigger loot drops they would have had over $2000 worth bitcoin at it's peak. Talk about an unexpected find. Viridianlion said that they would be doing this act insane charity again this year, so if you are heading to the Forest in 2018 make sure to keep an eye out for some quick cash!