Mixmag columnist The Secret DJ is launching a series of weekly parties at Ibiza’s indoor/outdoor venue El Patio every Wednesday from June 26 to October 9.

The day will start at 4pm by the pool, with a mix of ambient and dance music, before moving inside to The Dark Room at 11 until 6am, where techno and electronica will take centre-stage.

With a social media campaign announcing “No Phones. No Showbiz. No Faces. No Bullshit” among other messages, the events look set to be the “pure adventure, literally a journey into sound”.

No line-up will be announced, and in his latest column in this month’s issue he explains: "We’re trying to do something real, something we could believe in. So we’re covering over the DJ booth, discouraging mobile phone use, announcing no names and hiring not a single cracker, glitter bomb or CO2 cannon. We did get the best sound engineer in the biz though, and the best speakers, amps and booth tech. The idea is that music is more important than the ego."

Tickets are €25.

[Photo: Julian Farina]

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