Dutch duo The Partysquad just released their “Wake ‘m Up” EP to their Soundcloud page through Mad Decent. While the EP  is short, it packs a vast arsenal of styles and sounds just begging to be heard.

Wake ‘M Up” features 3 tracks, timing in at almost 10 minutes in its entirety . The first track is a dancehall/hardstyle crossbreed, the second is a hype trap song featuring a verse by She’s Ryan, and wrapping it up is the catchy collaboration between The Partysquad and Boaz van de Beatz. This EP is definitely, in as few words as possible, diverse.

The Partysquad – Wake ‘M Up EP

Partysquad consists of Dutch DJs and producers Ruben Fernhout and Jerry Leembruggen. While Dutch duos taking over the club scene and releasing tracks internationally isn’t unheard of (or even uncommon), the story accompanying this duo is a bit different.

Partysquad decided that the world was ready to hear their sound in 2008. While preparing for their world tour in Ibiza, when a car accident landed Jerry in a coma. Inevitably putting a damper on his being conscious, but more importantly causing one half of The Partysquad to become dysfunctional. Bringing their world tour to a complete halt before it even took off. Jerry recovered and made his return to the music scene, and yet again more importantly to The Partysquad. Since then the world has seen it fit to welcome The Partysquad into their venues and speakers, and to spare them the hopefully once in a lifetime event that is a coma inducing car crash.

If you’re one of our European readers then you may get to party with The Partysquad. They’re booked in Europe until the middle of December. So go check out their dates and snag yourself a ticket.


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