Unfortunately, dance music and club culture have always been male-dominated. Yet, most of those who comprise the industry aren’t always, if rarely, the ones who push it forward meaningfully. Whether labeled as a minority in dance music based on gender, race, sexuality, or any combination of the labels, it does not matter; these groups always move the needle forward and push the dance music industry into its inevitable future.

So, let’s use this as an opportunity to highlight some of the biggest, most influential, and thus most famous female DJs of all time. This article will unpack, highlight, and focus on 25 of the best and biggest female selectors in the industry. We will also share some of our editorial team’s favorite sets by them so you can see them work their magic on stage while learning a bit more about what they do when they’re off the decks.

Annie Nightingale – First female DJ

Born in London, England, Nightingale made history as BBC Radio 1’s first female DJ in 1970, breaking barriers and setting new standards for women in broadcasting. Her influential radio show, spanned decades, has been a vital platform for introducing listeners to cutting-edge music across genres. Known for her eclectic taste and fearless exploration of new sounds, Nightingale has been a trusted curator of musical trends, from punk rock to electronic dance music.

She has been instrumental in shaping the global music landscape, fostering a community of listeners who trust her to deliver the latest and most innovative sounds. Beyond her role as a broadcaster, Nightingale has also contributed significantly to the rise of electronic music culture, hosting iconic events and festivals that celebrate the spirit of innovation and creativity.

Her influence continues to inspire generations of DJs, producers, and music lovers alike, reflecting her enduring passion for pushing boundaries and amplifying diverse voices in the ever-evolving world of music.


Annie Mac

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Annie MacManus, better known as Annie Mac, gained prominence through her influential tenure at BBC Radio 1 as one of their leading dance music DJs and personalities on the airwaves. This massive platform redefined modern music broadcasting, and she was an incredibly influential in making it all happen. Mac’s innovative style for introducing fresh music and her ability to blend various genres significantly defined dance music’s culture and its trajectory in getting it where it is today as one of the leading genres of music across the world.

She advocated for up-and-coming artists and brought diverse sounds to mainstream audiences, playing a big role in countless artists’ careers. Her live events, notably the “Lost & Found Festival” in Malta, which you can check out below, highlight her exceptional taste and influence. Mac has also strongly advocated for gender diversity in the music industry, inspiring a new wave of female DJs and producers.


Nina Kraviz

Kraviz’s journey began with her distinct approach to mixing techno, which, at the time of her rise to stardom, was still a fairly niche genre in the grand scheme of things. Her rise to fame was propelled by her performances at massive festivals and clubs worldwide, where she hooked audiences with her incredibly fluid mixing and tasteful way of blending various niches of techno alongside wider ranges of dance music.

She is celebrated for her bold production style and genre-bending releases on her label, Трип (Trip), which has become a platform for avant-garde club music and is one of the more well-respected imprints in the industry at the moment. Beyond her musical prowess, Kraviz is also a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion within the electronic music community, inspiring a new generation of artists to push the boundaries of creativity.


Charlotte de Witte

Born in Ghent, Belgium, de Witte’s ascent to prominence began with her deep and fairly aggressive take on techno that hit at the right place at the right time and really caught hold in the darkest corners of underground clubs. Her DJ sets are masterclasses in tension and release, mixing ethereal vocal chops with grizzled bass stabs and pounding, relentless percussion that commands the dance floor. Tracks like “Closer” and “Liquid Slow” showcase her ability to blend melodies with grooves, creating an immersive sonic experience that leaves audiences spellbound. 

Beyond her prowess behind the decks, de Witte is a prolific producer.

Her releases on labels like KNTXT, which she founded herself, showcase her skill in crafting atmospheric techno that blurs the lines between euphoria and introspection. Tracks such as “Selected” and “Formula” demonstrate her knack for creating hypnotic yet starkly aggressive sets and curations that simply smack no matter how big the crowd, stage, or platform.


Amelie Lens

Originally from Belgium, Lens burst onto the international scene with her signature blend of driving techno and atmospheric textures. Tracks like “Exhale” and “Drift” are perfect examples of her knack for combining whomping percussion with drifting melodies, creating a recipe for success that has garnered her a worldwide audience.

But her chops extend beyond the decks and is one of the more well-recognized producers in the game at the moment in techno and it’s auxiliary genres. Her releases on labels like Lenske Records, which she co-founded, showcase her talent for crafting techno that’s so immersive you could almost touch what’s coming out of whatever speakers you’re listening to. Tracks such as “Stay With Me” and “Higher” are absolute must-listens for anyone still getting up to speed with the magic this woman weaves.


Peggy Gou

Born in Incheon, South Korea, and later moving to Berlin, Gou’s multicultural background is reflected in her eclectic music style, which blends house, techno, and electro. Her breakout track, “It Makes You Forget (Itgehane),” became an instant hit, showcasing her ability to craft infectious grooves and melodies that just stay with you long after the records ended. Another standout track, “Starry Night,” further solidified her reputation, combining dreamy vocals with slapping percussions that hit on the dance floor, playlists, or wherever else you’re listening from.

An interesting fact about Peggy Gou is her background in fashion. Before fully committing to her music career, she studied fashion design at the London College of Fashion. This blend of style and music continues to shape her artistic persona, as seen in her distinctive style and the creation of her fashion brand, Kirin.

Beyond her music and fashion endeavors, Gou is also known for her entrepreneurial spirit. She launched her label, Gudu Records, which has become a platform for innovative and boundary-pushing electronic music.


Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon stands out as a true icon in the world of DJing and electronic music. She blends her Chicago roots with an unmistakable flair for creativity and innovation.

One of her most well-known tunes, “Not About You,” tells you that she is a wizard at cranking out soul and irresistibly groovy anthems. Collaborating with artists like Tim K and vocalist Hadiya George, Dijon makes music that hits with seasoned house enthusiasts and new listeners. If you’re getting up to speed with Honey, check out the track “Downtown,” which features driving percs and soulful vocals. It is a great example of her knack for blending classic and contemporary sounds.

But Honey Dijon’s influence extends far beyond her music.

As a transgender woman of color, she has been a powerful advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and representation within the music industry. Her outspoken activism and commitment to inclusivity have made her a trailblazer, inspiring countless artists and fans worldwide.


Marea Stamper – The Black Madonna

The Black Madonna, known offstage as Marea Stamper, is a celebrated figure in the world of dance music, well respected for her DJ sets and deep commitment to inclusivity and community.

Growing up in rural Kentucky, Marea’s journey into music was anything but typical. She found her way to the Chicago house scene, where she quickly made a name for herself. Her DJ sets are legendary for their seamless blend of disco, house, and techno, always infused with a sense of joy and freedom that gets the crowd moving.

One of her standout tracks, “He Is the Voice I Hear,” is a beautiful, sprawling tribute to the golden age of disco, filled with strings and an irresistible groove that makes everyone and their mothers want to dance. Another personal favorite is, “Stay,” which is a golden example of how you can make timeless, fresh, and punchy music.

She vocal advocates for the marginalized, using her platform to push for greater diversity and equality in the music industry. Whether she’s headlining major festivals or playing intimate club gigs, Marea brings an infectious energy and a message of love and unity that resonates with audiences everywhere. 


Ellen Allien

Hailing from Berlin, Ellen’s journey into music was shaped by the city’s transformative club culture, especially during the post-Wall era.

Ellen’s DJ sets are nothing short of legendary. They are characterized by an eclectic mix of techno, electro, and experimental sounds. Her ability to blend genres and create immersive auditory experiences has earned her a dedicated following around the globe. Tracks like “Take a Stand” and “Love Distortion” highlight her knack for producing deeply emotive and irresistibly danceable music.

Her influence isn’t confined to Berlin.

Ellen has taken her sound worldwide, always bringing a piece of Berlin’s gritty, raw energy, which anyone who has seen this woman drop records live will be quick to tell you. She’s a true ambassador for the city’s electronic music scene, continually evolving her sound while staying true to the underground roots that made her a legend.


Nicole Moudaber

Originally from Nigeria and raised in Lebanon, Nicole’s unique background has deeply influenced her approach to music, adding to her sets and productions an intense and nuanced palette of sounds that few others can replicate.

Nicole’s journey into the music scene began in New York and London clubs, where she quickly made a name for herself. Her DJ sets are known for their powerful energy and seamless flow, taking dancers and club-goers on an intense and exhilarating journey. If you need to get a quick vibe of what this sounds like in practice, you need to check out either “In the Mood” or “Your Love Picks Me Up” as they’re perfect examples of what she can do in the studio.

Nicole’s influence goes well beyond her tunes. She’s known for her charismatic presence and ability to connect with her audience on and off the dance floor. Whether playing at major festivals like Tomorrowland and Coachella or hosting her popular radio show, In The MOOD, Nicole’s infectious energy and genuine love for music shine through.


Miss Kittin (Caroline Herve)

Hailing from Grenoble, France, Miss Kittin first emerged in the late ’90s, quickly gaining recognition for her collaborations with The Hacker. Tracks like “1982” and “Frank Sinatra” became instant classics, showcasing her unique blend of the obscure-but-insanely-cool genre of electroclash and modern, club-friendly techno. 

Her solo career has been equally impressive. Albums such as “I Com” and “BatBox” highlight her versatility and creativity, with tracks like “Professional Distortion” and “Grace” demonstrating her knack for producing catchy yet heavy electronic tastes. Miss Kittin’s work consistently pushes the envelope, blending various genres and influences to create a sound that is uniquely her own.

Her performances are a captivating mix of electro, techno, and house, always infused with her signature flair. She has graced the stages of major festivals and clubs worldwide, from Berghain in Berlin to Sonar in Barcelona, bringing her eclectic and energetic style to diverse audiences.


Maya Jane Coles

Coming from London, Maya Jane Coles has carved out a niche for herself with her signature blend of house, techno, and dub. Her breakout track, “What They Say,” which has been a personal favorite club tune of mine since I started producing almost ten years ago, became an anthem in the underground scene, earning her critical acclaim and a dedicated following and has since garnered millions of plays, making it anything but underground at this point.

Maya’s debut album, “Comfort,” showcased her depth as an artist. Tracks like “Everything” and “Burning Bright” highlight her knack for creating lush, immersive atmospheres that hit with listeners of all ages (ya, my mom loves this song). Her follow-up album, “Take Flight,” continued to push boundaries, blending elements of electronica, hip-hop, and R&B into her distinctive sound. If you haven’t heard this woman spin, you need to check out one of the best Boiler Room sets of all time below, because it hardly gets better than this…



Hailing from Birmingham, UK, she has forged an intense and deeply personal path, creating a space for herself in the male-dominated techno scene. Rebekah’s journey began in the underground clubs of Birmingham, where she was inspired by the raw energy of industrial techno. Her early influences can be felt in her hard-hitting tracks and dynamic DJ sets, characterized by a powerful blend of heavy basslines, sharp percussion, and dark, atmospheric textures. Tracks like “Fear Paralysis” and “Code Black” are must-listens if for any other reason than they show her ability to produce tunes that are simply just exhilarating; full stop.

Her debut album, “Fear Paralysis,” marked a significant moment in her career, showcasing her prowess as both a producer and a storyteller. The album is a journey through the darker realms of techno, exploring themes of anxiety and resilience. Tracks like “1997 Reprise” and “Last Summer” highlight her skill in blending ceaseless rhythms with emotive undertones, creating a listening experience that is both physically and emotionally powerful.



Born in Munich, tINI’s love affair with music began at an early age, with her teenage years spent immersing herself in the sounds of hip-hop before transitioning to house and techno. This eclectic musical background is evident in her DJ sets, which are rich with diverse influences and unexpected twists.

One of her most notable works, “That’s Right,” encapsulates her ability in the studio that is just next-level. Another gotta-hear track, “Mine Has a Shower,” flips the script on what a rolling bassline can do and hooks you in from start to finish.

She is known for her tINI and the Gang parties, which have become a staple in the Ibiza scene. These events are celebrated for their laid-back, family-like atmosphere, where music lovers can enjoy high-quality sets in a relaxed setting. This sense of community and connection is at the heart of tINI’s approach to music and life.


Jubilee (Jessica Gentile)

Jubilee, also known as Jessica Gentile, is a versatile DJ and producer whose eclectic style spans the genres of dancehall, house, and bass music. Hailing from Miami and now based in New York City, Jubilee has made a niche with her infectious energy and diverse musical influences that is completely and unapologetically her own.

From her early days spinning at underground parties to headlining international festivals, Jubilee’s career has been marked by a fearless exploration of sounds and genres. Her DJ sets are a fusion of Caribbean rhythms, bass-heavy beats, and melodies that aren’t easily put in a box. Tracks like “Wine Up” and “Call for Location” show her taste to blend dancehall’s infectious grooves with the pulsating energy of house music.

Her debut album, “After Hours,” showcases her knack for crafting catchy hooks and basslines that pack a punch on the dance floor. Tracks like “Opa-Locka” and “Pull Ova” highlight her ability to create simultaneously playful and powerful music, drawing listeners into her sonic world with every beat.


TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee)

Originally from Los Angeles, TOKiMONSTA’s journey into music began as a classically trained pianist, which is a fun fact that once you know, you can see its influences everywhere in her tunes and sets. Her early influences range from hip-hop to electronic music, which she seamlessly blends into her own distinctive style. Her breakout track, “Realla” featuring Anderson.Paak, catapulted her into the spotlight, showcasing her ability to fuse intricate beats with soulful melodies while being able to run with some of the biggest cats in the game.

TOKiMONSTA’s productions are marked by their sonic aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail. Albums like “Half Shadows” and “Lune Rouge” demonstrate this to a T, with tracks such as “Put It Down” and “Don’t Call Me” highlighting her ability to create music that is both introspective and dancefloor-ready.

She founded her label, Young Art Records, which has become a platform for emerging artists pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Her role as a mentor and curator reflects her commitment to nurturing new talent and fostering a community of like-minded musicians. 

A symbol of resilience, having overcome a life-threatening illness that temporarily robbed her of the ability to create music. Her journey back to the stage is a testament to her determination and passion for her craft, inspiring fans and fellow artists alike.


Paula Temple

Originally from London, Paula Temple’s journey into music began in the vibrant underground scene of the 1990s. Influenced by the industrial and acid sounds of the era, she developed a distinctive style that blends relentless rhythms with intricate textures and haunting melodies. Tracks like “Gegen” and “Colonized” exemplify her ability to create aggressive music, challenging listeners to explore the darker corners of techno.

Her sets are a whirlwind of energy, characterized by pounding basslines and relentless beats pushing traditional techno’s boundaries. She has a knack for creating an immersive experience, whether playing in gritty underground clubs or headlining at prestigious festivals like Awakenings and Movement.

Her collaborations with artists like SNTS and The Horrorist have further solidified her reputation as a trailblazer in techno. Her remixes of tracks such as “Deeper Down” by Rrose and “Exhalation” by Ghost in the Machine showcase her unique approach to reshaping and redefining existing sounds.


Anja Schneider

Originally from Berlin, Anja Schneider’s career began in the city’s underground club wrold. Inspired by the energy and creativity of Berlin’s nightlife, she quickly established herself as a DJ and producer to watch. Her early releases on labels like Mobilee Records, which she co-founded, catapulted her into the international spotlight.

Anja’s productions are characterized by their infectious grooves and emotive melodies. Tracks like “Rain” and “Dubmission” showcase her ability to create music that is both soulful and dancefloor-ready, drawing listeners into a hypnotic journey of sound.

She effortlessly weaves together deep house, techno, and minimal influences, creating an atmospheric and sonic landscape that is as raw as it is intense. Her residency at Berlin’s iconic Watergate club solidified her reputation as a skilled curator of electronic music, where she continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences.


Louisahhh (Louisa Pillot)

Louisahhh, also known as Louisa Pillot, is a force to be reckoned with in the underground electronic music scene and is know for her fierce energy and raw, emotive sound.

Tracks like “Change” and “Ready” exemplify her ability to blend haunting melodies with percussions, creating music that resonates physically and emotionally. Her debut EP, “Transcend”, established her as a formidable presence in techno, showcasing her knack for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.

Her sets are a potent mix of driving basslines, industrial beats, and emotive vocals, creating an immersive experience that transports listeners to the darker realms of electronic music. She has performed at renowned clubs and festivals worldwide, earning a reputation for her dynamic stage presence and infectious energy behind the decks. Beyond her music, Louisahhh is a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and gender equality within the music industry.

She uses her platform to address important issues and promote positive change, advocating for greater support and resources for artists facing mental health challenges. Her openness and vulnerability in discussing these topics have earned her respect and admiration from fans and peers alike.



Originally from Poland and raised in Detroit, Magda’s musical journey began in the heart of techno’s birthplace. Immersed in Detroit’s underground scene, she quickly developed a deep appreciation for the genre’s raw energy and futuristic soundscapes. Her early experiences as a DJ and producer laid the foundation for a career marked by innovation and experimentation.

Her debut album, “From the Fallen Page,” released on Minus, showcased her ability to blend intricate rhythms with haunting melodies and glitchy textures and simply cannot be missed if you’re looking to hear what some of the most talented females in the game call do in the studio. Tracks like “48 Hour Crack in Your Bass” and “Get Down Goblin” are equally as dope as they challenge conventions on all fronts.

In addition to her solo career, Magda is a founding member of the collective Items & Things, which has become a platform for experimental electronic music and a breeding ground for emerging talent. Her role as a mentor and curator underscores her commitment to pushing boundaries and nurturing new voices within the industry.


Alison Wonderland

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Alison Wonderland’s journey into music began as a classically trained cellist and bassist. Her transition to electronic music was a natural evolution, shaped by her classical roots with a passion for electronic percussions and immersive sonci aesthetics. Her debut album, “Run,” catapulted her into the international spotlight, featuring hit tracks like “U Don’t Know” and “I Want U” that showcase her ability to craft anthemic melodies with deep, pulsating basslines and she has since gone on to work with some of the most prolific artists in the game.

Her performances are a journey through diverse genres, blending elements of trap, future bass, and pop influences to create a sound that is uniquely her own. From headlining major festivals like Coachella and EDC to playing intimate club sets, Alison Wonderland captivates audiences with her infectious energy and ability to connect personally.



Originally from Ukraine, Nastia’s journey into music began in the early 2000s when she discovered her passion for electronic beats and underground sounds. Her early experiences as a DJ in Kyiv’s burgeoning nightlife scene laid the foundation for a career marked by innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Known for her seamless mixing and ability to craft journeys through sound, she navigates through deep techno, minimal, and house influences without even blinking. Her performances at iconic venues such as Berghain in Berlin and Fabric in London have earned her a reputation as a skillful curator of sonic landscapes, captivating audiences with her intricate blend of rhythms and textures.

Her tracks like “Square Meters” and “The Same Thing” should not be missed, as they are perfect exmaples on how she blurs the line between introspection and dancefloor euphoria. Her debut album, “My Restless Heart,” further solidified her status as a formidable force in the techno community, earning critical acclaim for its emotive storytelling and sonic exploration.


Helena Hauff

Influenced by the raw energy of industrial and acid house, Helena Hauff developed a distinctive sound that blends gritty analog textures with minimal drum patterns. As a producer, Helena Hauff’s music is characterized by its raw, analog aesthetic and atmospheric depth that mirrors her chops in the studio.

Tracks like “Sworn to Secrecy Part II” and “Gift” showcase her ability to create hypnotic rhythms that transport listeners into dystopian soundscapes. Her albums and EPs, released on labels like Werkdiscs and Ninja Tune, have earned critical acclaim for their immersive sonics and uncompromising sound design.

She is passionate about preserving the legacy of electronic music and has curated compilations that celebrate the history and evolution of the genre. Her radio show on NTS Radio and collaborations with artists like Morah and Umwelt demonstrate her commitment to pushing boundaries and championing diverse voices within the industry.


Estella Boersma

Estella Boersma has emerged as a rising star in the heart of Berlin’s pulsating electronic music scene. But her journey to the DJ booth was anything but conventional. Formerly a successful fashion model, Estella traded the runway for the decks, and her transition has been nothing short of electrifying.

Estella debuted with an EP on Unknown To The Unknown’s Dance Trax label. The release showcased her versatility, blending Techno, Electro, and Breakbeat elements.

A Techno Odyssey Fast forward to 2024, and Estella has taken her passion to the next level. She founded her techno label, EB-REX, signaling her commitment to the underground music community. With each release, she invites listeners into her sonic universe—a place where basslines throb and synths shimmer. Live Sets and Immersive Experiences Estella’s performances have graced events like the Bunker Rave, the Stone Techno Festival, and the legendary Exit Festival.


Dj Heather

Hailing from Chicago, Heather Robinson’s passion for music began early, influenced by the city’s rich musical heritage. She emerged as a DJ in the 1990s during Chicago’s house music resurgence, honing her skills and developing a deep connection to the genre’s soulful roots.

Her sets effortlessly blend classic house tracks with contemporary sounds, creating a timeless dancefloor experience that resonates with audiences worldwide. Known for her impeccable track selection and seamless mixing, DJ Heather has performed at renowned clubs and festivals across the globe, from Chicago’s Smart Bar to Ibiza’s Pacha.

She co-founded the iconic SuperJane collective, a pioneering all-female DJ collective that helped pave the way for gender diversity in the male-dominated industry. Through SuperJane, Heather and her fellow DJs broke barriers and inspired a new generation of female artists to pursue their passion for house music.


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