The Indie electronic label Monstercat is now its in sixth year and is growing exponentially year to year. With that growth comes further expansion and changes, including some new brands at Monstercat. Being one those labels that can have producers at totally opposite ends the spectrum in terms genre and musical style, they are now adding the new Uncaged and Instinct brands to their business.

Uncaged will be their heavier and harder stuff like Gents and Jawns and Darren Styles. While Instinct will be ster more pop sounding stuff like Didrick and Owl City. Having this kind diversity on your label could be the key to success these days. The industry is changing and labels like this, covering a lot different styles, might be the way things are headed from now on if the label want to make its mark. It also helps bring their fans new music from artists they have never had a chance to hear before. It’s an exciting time for Monstercat with 2018 promising to be full plenty new music, check out their announcement video below.