For those who prioritize efficient gear management, the HuckPack Collection is a game-changer. Whether used in vehicles, campers, or as carry-on luggage, this system excels in providing organization and adaptability.

The collection’s centerpiece, the HuckPack Duffel, and the HuckPack Seatback Organizer form the foundation, allowing for a range of modular packing cubes to fit various gear sizes and types.

The Hero Product: HuckPack Duffel

The HuckPack Duffel stands out with its clamshell design, made from water- and abrasion-resistant Dimension Polyant RX36 exterior and Challenge SailCloth EPX200 liner. This duffel can open flat or hang vertically, keeping the ventilated packing cubes in place. It features Dura Flex gated G-Hooks with ladder and camming locks, ensuring secure and easy access.

The HuckPack Seatback Organizer is designed for the rear seat of vehicles. It features a modular hook-and-loop panel and rugged bags, allowing for infinite adaptability and customization. This organizer makes it easy to keep essential items within reach and well-organized.

The HuckPack Collection’s packing cubes come in various sizes and materials, including Challenge UltraGrid 100 and ventilated mesh. These cubes can be mixed and matched to fit different platforms, making gear management flexible and efficient.

A Word from the Co-Founder

Peter Williams, Co-Founder of Super Pacific, highlighted the collection’s unique value: “The HuckPack Collection addresses the need for a flexible and adaptable gear management system. It allows users to effortlessly redistribute and reconfigure their gear within their car or camper, enhancing the overall adventure experience.”

Whether embarking on a cross-country road trip, exploring backcountry trails, or simply seeking a more organized vehicle, the HuckPack Collection offers a versatile and innovative solution.


  1. What is the HuckPack Collection? The HuckPack Collection is a new carry system from Super Pacific, featuring a seat organizer, duffel bag, and packing cubes designed to integrate seamlessly for adaptable and organized gear management.
  2. What materials are used in the HuckPack Duffel? The duffel has a water—and abrasion-resistant Dimension Polyant RX36 exterior and Challenge Sailcloth EPX200 liner.
  3. How does the Seatback Organizer function? It attaches to the rear seat of vehicles with a modular hook-and-loop panel and includes rugged bags for endless customization.
  4. Can the packing cubes be used separately? Yes, they are designed to be versatile and can be used across different platforms, including the duffel and seatback organizer.
  5. Where can I purchase the HuckPack Collection? The collection is available on Super Pacific’s official website: Super Pacific HuckPack Collection.


Super Pacific’s HuckPack Collection sets a new standard for gear management with its seamless integration, adaptability, and organization. This innovative carry system enhances the adventure experience, making it a must-have for any adventurer.

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