The Glitch Mob have released the 10-year anniversary edition of their seminal, breakout album Drink The Sea. The LP that cemented their sound, introduced the world to a new electronic group and forged a new, unique pathway in electronic music, gets a 2020 remaster. Plus, it become a deluxe edition with some rare remixes that were either released on the far corners of the internet over the years or used for live sets. It also includes a new track with Theophilus London “Black Aura.”

“We’re so lucky,” Boreta says in a statement. “With Drink the Sea, we found our audience doesn’t follow trends. Instead, they grow with us. Now they trust us and fearlessly follow wherever we go creatively. Now that’s the bond we have: they push us to bring something new and fresh every time out – to never repeat ourselves. As artists, we couldn’t want anything more.”

In addition to the deluxe edition, remastered album, they have released some additional Drink The Sea merch including vinyl, t-shirts, hoodies, hats and more. Get all of that here and stream the album here.

A full Superposition ambient version of the album will follow in 2021.