Most of the dance music community has now been made aware of Netflix's new original movie, Ibiza. Despite being threatened with a lawsuit since the movie wasn't actually filmed in Ibiza, the film is about three girls that ditch their work trip to fly to Ibiza. Against the main character's better judgement, she ends up falling for a DJ.

Mixmag recently caught up with Ibiza's director, Alex Richanbach, and it turns out that he's never actually been to Ibiza himself.

“You know I hadn’t been able to go,” says Richanbach. “So I did all my research through our writer who spent a lot of time there and also Richard Madden who spent a lot of time there and I sort of watched as much as I could from a documentary stand-point and I read books and did as much as I could. But the speed of which we prepped the film I wasn’t able to get there.”