The Chainsmokers Release ‘Sick Boy’ With No Previous Hype

The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall to be specific, has recently been under fire for cheating on his girlfriend. Just one day after all the , The Chainsmokers surprisingly release ‘Sick Boy’. The main vocals come from no other than the front man Drew Taggart himself.

The single can be considered the opposite what EDM is now a days. ‘Sick Boy’ leans to the indie pop genre and people have mixed feelings about it. Half the people are supportive the duo, and the other half plead the “old” Chainsmokers come back. Without a doubt, we live in an era where music has to be unique to stand out and The Chainsmokers have found the secret formula to make it work.

The lyrics are unique and not like any they have done before. People will always find a reason to hate them, and that comes as a normality when you are at the peak the industry. Get prepared to listen to this song on every pop radio station in the following weeks.

With the song release came a music video which in my opinion is pretty cool. Check out the single and video down below: