We are back with the second iteration of the best melodic house track to have hit the airwaves in any given month, this time turning our attention to the best meldoic house tracks of June 2024. There were many amazing producers on this list with a pretty small following, and I love combing the internet for these up-and-coming producers to highlight in a chart like this. We usually try to keep this list to 15, but we had one track (spoiler alert, it’s “Agadir”) that just dropped today that couldn’t slip under the radar and had to be included as a 16th track!

And while some of the more significant acts in the game, like Floating Points and Rodriguez Jr., had insanely good music to highlight, isn’t it fun to find lesser-known artists today? Especially when Spotify spoon-feeds you artists you’ve likely already heard of, let’s use this as a platform to find new, undiscovered artists who, we hope, will be the next big thing.

So, please follow the playlist. It will feature the best tracks released each month and be a place where I can store tunes under consideration throughout the month that might make it on the end-of-month list.

Enemy – Atrym

Magneitc’s second release welcomes Atrym into the label family with a driving, vocal-chop-driven melodic house track. With a heavy emphasis on songwriting and sound selection, this track breaks the mold in a genre as often considered oversaturated as melodic house can seem.

With a handful of notable releases in the queue throughout the coming months, Atrium is certainly an artist to watch, both for this release and in the coming weeks.

Agadir – Matt Caines & Alehho

The opening track of Matt Caine’s latest EP, “Agadir,” really shows Alehho and Matt Caines’ mastery in creating minimal yet impactful club music. It features a deep, progressive rhythm that establishes an atmospheric yet energetic tone. Afrohouse elements, particularly in the percussion and vocals, introduce a global feel that sends this track to the stars.

The minimalistic arrangement emphasizes the vocals, which shine against the backdrop of drifting kalimbas and atmospheric pads. This balance adds texture and depth without overshadowing the track’s essence, making it highly effective on the dancefloor while also fitting seamlessly into more relaxed playlists.

Falling – Fabian Sprung, Yasola

The second track to be included in the Best Melodic House Music of June 2024 is a deeper and groovier track by Fabian Sprung and Yasola. It’s no secret that meldoic house music thrives off a good vocal line and warm pianos and this track knocks those two elements entirely out of the park.

What I dig the most about the track is that its vocals have some meaning, which helps lock in the emotional qualities and story of the track. This sets it apart from the sea of other tracks in the niche and easily earns it a place on this chart.

Something You Said – Mosoo, Florence

This track is a bit more of a club tune than the rest of the songs on the Best Melodic House Music of June 2024 chart, but we all need a little extra pep in our stem, right?

The syncopated arp line that weaves its way against the vocal chops and repetition is enthralling and helps carry this track from start to finish as the rest of the instrumentation builds its way around it. While it may seem more club-focused, the way Mosoo controls the energy during the builds and drops helps deliver the core ideas of this track quickly, fluidly, and smoothly without going too hard or too soft.

Where We Be – Gus One, Cafe De Anatolia

We’ve been big-time supporters of so much of what Cafe De Anatolia has been releasing over the years, and I’m all about their foray into the more arp-driven meldoic house genres. This is a stark divergence away from their more worldly-influenced organic house music, which they’ve been a large pioneer of.

A tasteful mix of pianos and synths helps carry the track forward in an emotional way that works just as well in the club as it does just casually listening to your speakers. It’s a masterclass in the genre. That massive bass line that comes in during the drop sections works wonders, driving the track home and adding some heavy impact to the more sentimental portions of the track.

World Wide Web – Life Symbols Remix

If all this song had was that initial arp run, that would be enough for me. It’s completely enchanting, and I can’t get enough of it, but when the more up-tempo beat kicks in, you know you’re in for something a little different and a little more special than what the rest of this chart is this month.

The syncopated bass line is melodic, but it also has a little underground swagger to it, which makes for a track that’s unique and original. I’ve been listening to this tack on repeat for days now, and I can’t put my finger on exactly why I think it’s so insanely dope…. but it just is, and I guess that needs to be enough for me (for now).

Soso – Aston Alba & Titoffee Remix

Teaming up with the Kabusa Oriental Choir was the best decision these producers ever made, as the really drifting and anthemic vocal lines do a ton of the heavy lifting in this track to make it stand out and be as incredible as it is.

The percussions and repetitive bass line create a very strong foundation for the track, but the vocals, slowly developing and persisting over the top throughout the entirety of the track, keep it fresh and moving forward. The arps and melodies are simple and effective, leaving all your attention focused on the vocals, and I just can’t get enough of them.

Nisat – Extended – TsuruSwing, Towa Ainutronica

This track is back on the more club-friendly vibe, but the dazzling and listing melodic elements keep each bar of the groove and beat sounding fresh and evolving. I love the world influences TsuruSwing and Towa Ainutronica brought to this track, allowing for the sitar-like sounds to develop and expand slowly from start to finish.

Having an 8-minute song that you can listen to from start to finish is no small task, even in today’s world, but these two artists make it look easy, which is why this track easily fits into the Best Melodic House Music Of June 2024 chart that we’ve been working on all month.

Gooze – pørl

I’m shocked that these two guys only have less than 500 monthly listeners on Spotify (at least when I write this article). If their track “Gooze” indicates the level of skill these guys can work in the studio, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re getting noticed by much bigger labels in the next year or two.

They have the texture and sonic aesthetic of artists with far bigger profiles, and this song is simply enchanting, full stop.

Give the track a listen and these guys a follow, and make sure to follow them closely as I think they’re onto something special with this track and their entire discography (currently consists of their debut album, which this track was pulled from).

Homily – DIM KELLY, Mondingo

All Day I Dream is a powerhouse label in the melodic house world, and almost every single thing they release could easily fit into this list of the best music released in the genre each month.

I’ve been a fan and acquaintance of DIM KELLY for a year or more, and everything that he puts out, whether on Lee Burridge’s ADID or other labels, is a real class act, and “Homily” is no exception. While I wanted to give this track the platform it deserves in this chart, it always was why he earned himself the Artist Of The Week: DIM KELLY feature in the middle of the month when this track dropped.

Bravo mate!


The rolling percussions and sustained bass line hook you in from the second they start, but once the melodic layers like the pads, strings, and other elements kick in it’s impossible not to listen to “Aprication”.

It’s another one of those songs that’s hard to put your finger on as to why exactly I can’t stop listening to it, but I think I’ve single-handedly given this track 20 streams since it was released three weeks ago. It’s incredible work that really encapsulates HYPERCONFIDENCE’s whole ethos of writing music that captures a specific moment in time.

Twilight Language – Rodriguez Jr.

No meldoic house chart is complete without whatever Rodriguez Jr’s latest track is. And while this maestro’s sound design and sample selection usually borders on clubbier flavors that might even push it outside the genre itself, the harmonies and chord professions always has in the background of all of his tracks create a world that’s impossible not to get lost in and which is why he will almost always have a spot in my heart and on the charts we curate.

Dance Till Dawn – Jam Companion

Rodriguez Jr’s more club and electronic-focused tune above is the perfect transition into this track as “Dance Till Dawn” is more on the uptempo and energetic side of the meldoic house vibe. Still, with its retro-style synths and soaring melodies that caught my ear and wouldn’t let go, I couldn’t not include it. It’s a masterclass in simplicity and punch-through-minimalism, all while being softly melodic and altogether unforgettable.

My Eyes Are Failing – Toto Chiavetta, Trenton

Moving into the more intense flavors of the meldoic house genre, “My Eyes Are Failing” brings more aggression in its sound selection and instrumentation. This is mainly through the vocals, which are haunting and atmospheric, where the bass line pulses underneath, and the bendy synths above create a disjointed tension, which is the backbone of the track’s more aggressive vibe (at least to me).

All this works to build the energy up with tension, which is released in a more mellow way than you would expect, which was pleasantly surprising and really made this track stand out to me.

Del Oro – Floating Points

Floating Points is another group, similar to Rodriguez Jr., that is hard not to highlight and feature almost whenever they have a release. We’ve written about them countless times on the site and they deserve it for any other reason than they are simply perfection.

And while the secondary track on this EP, “Birth4000,” has already racked up almost 2 million plays in less than a month, I think people are sleeping on “Del Oro.” Sure, the more popular release could efficiently work it’s way into this list as well, and I guess in a way it has, but “Del Oro” has way more unique percussions and a fantastic groove that hits you in the chest, feet, heart, and soul.

Verwelking – Tijn Driessen

Let’s close out the list with a tasteful breakbeat melodic house track cause how else could we bring it all home?!

Tijn Driessen is another one of those insanely good producers who have less than 10k monthly listeners, and I just don’t know how; he’s incredibly talented and has such a unique and standout sound in a genre as cluttered and often monotonous as meldoic house and Verwelking is a testament to his talent and individuality. So check it out, and give the playlist at the top of this article a follow to keep up with all of the best tunes in the genre so that you never get caught sleeping on another artist on the level of Tijn Driessen again.

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