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Aspiring to become a well-known singer? Luckily, you don't have to sign with a record label to access reliable recording equipment.

Instead, you can use a USB audio interface. Such a device allows you to record different tracks with the same quality of a recording studio!

In this article, we're going to guide you through some of the best USB audio interfaces for recording vocals available to help you decide which device might be best for you.

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Important Features of a USB Audio Interface

There are plenty of features in an audio interface that plays a part in delivering good sound quality. Two of these features that are worth keeping in mind when purchasing an audio interface are:

Phantom Power

Phantom Power is a power source that sends electrical signals through microphone cables. It’s commonly used as an electrical source for condenser microphones, where it supplies them with various voltage powers.

Most phantom powers provide a voltage of 48 volts. However, there are other phantom powers that can supply standard voltages of 12 and 24 volts.

Microphone Preamplifier

A microphone preamp is a device that amplifies the signals of your microphone.

Many audio interfaces have built-in mic preamp slots, but you still might need an external one to improve your microphone’s signals.

Using an external amplifier can also improve the sound of your tracks and add a sound character to them.

The Best USB Audio Interfaces – Our Top Picks and Reviews

The 5 Best USB Audio Interfaces for Recording VocalsAfter we've given you some information regarding the features of a USB audio interface, it's time to mention some of the best audio interfaces for recording available on the market.

1. Behringer Audio Interface, 1-Channel (UM2)

BEHRINGER Audio Interface, 1x XLR/TRS 1x 1/4" 2X RCA USB, Black, 1-Channel (UM2)
  • 2x2 USB audio interface for recording microphones and instruments
  • Audiophile 48 kHz resolution for professional audio quality.Maximum Sampling Rate: 48 kHz
  • Compatible with popular recording software including Avid Pro Tools*, Ableton Live*, Steinberg Cubase*, etc.
  • Streams 2 inputs / 2 outputs with ultra-low latency to your computer, supporting Mac OS X* and Windows XP* or higher
  • State-of-the-art, +48 V-powered XENYX Mic Preamp comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps

With the Behringer audio interface, you can have an entire studio shaped like a small black box at the palm of your hands.

It contains broadcasting software, which includes the sounds of 150 instruments and effect plug-ins. This software enables you to compose new tracks, mix them, or even edit them along with the necessary tools used for professional recording.

The Behringer audio interface includes a zero-latency monitoring feature as well. This qualification allows you to clearly record your tracks without experiencing a delay in the returning signal, which is a great feature for recording high-quality sounding tracks.

Additionally, this audio interface features a 2×2 USB interface that includes microphone preamps with high-quality converters, which can help with bettering the sound quality of your tracks.


  • Has a phantom power of 48V
  • Has a 192 kHz audio resolution
  • Contains a single-screen interface that features limitless track count
  • Features 2 input & 2 output audio interfaces for recording microphones


  • Can produce static or hissing noises in the background of your tracks

2. Tascam US-4×4 USB Audio/MIDI Interface

Tascam US-4x4 USB Audio/MIDI Interface with Microphone Preamps and iOS Compatibility
  • Combines great audio quality and ergonomic design for a powerful 4-in/4-out USB 2 Audio interface
  • Four of TASCAM’s Ultra-HDDA mic/line preamps provide up to 57dB of gain with nearly inaudible noise and distortion specs
  • The audio design features high-performance, musical components like NE5532 op amps for rich sound quality without coloring the source
  • Includes class-compliant drivers for plug-and-play operation on Mac OSX and iOS devices, and a simple driver adds ASIO compatibility for Windows
  • MIDI in and out are also included for connecting synths, drum machines, and controllers

Thanks to its inclined and smooth design, you can place the Tascam audio interface on a desktop and easily operate it without having to stretch your neck to view its switches.

Its robust metal design also helps with maintaining its stability on the desktop, so you don't have to worry about dropping it or inflicting damage to it.

The Tascam audio interface contains XLR and TRS input connectors, as well. Not only do these connectors balanced microphone and line-level signals, but they also have a high electric circuit resistance that allows recording electric and bass guitars.


  • Contains 4 low distortion microphone preamps
  • The product includes an AC adapter
  • Compatible with Mac OSX, Windows, iOS devices.
  • Includes separate sound controls for line output or headphone utilization


  • Audio drivers are unreliable and inconsistent

3. GoXLR Mini – Mixer & USB Audio Interface

GoXLR - Mixer, Sampler, & Voice FX for Streamers
  • Multi-channel mixer: motorized faders let you control mic, game, music, chat, and more for the perfect Broadcast mix
  • Studio quality MIDAS preamp: make your XLR mic sound great with +48V phantom power, equalizer, compressor, limiter, de-esser, and Gate
  • Sampler: record samples on-the-fly or load your own audio files to engage and entertain your community
  • Voice FX: add reverb, echo, pitch shift, megaphone, Robot, and hardtune to your voice in real time
  • GOXLR app: you’re in control with Basic and advanced audio parameters, sample import, and Voice FX preset library

The GoXLR audio interface is a great tool for recording tracks. Its ultra-low microphone preamp prevents distortions from interfering with your voice, which gives you the chance to record your tracks with a clean and clear voice.

Another feature included in the GoXLR is that it contains a single app that can control different settings of the interface. This app can personalize illumination settings and audio routing, as well as shifting from recording to editing.

Furthermore, the GoXLR audio interface includes a cough button that allows you to mute your voice mid-recording. This can help keep your content void of any unnecessary sounds.


  • Includes a built-in compressor, equalization, and gating
  • Has a PC app that lets your control and memorizes previous settings
  • Easy to operate
  • Has a 3-year warranty


  • You need to plug and unplug it to get it to work as it doesn't contain a power switch

4. PreSonus AudioBox USB 2×2 Audio Interface

PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 2x2 USB Audio Interface
  • Bus-powered USB 2.0 audio and MIDI interface
  • Compatible with almost all recording software for Mac and Windows
  • 24-bit resolution; 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz sampling rates
  • 2 combo mic/instrument inputs with high-performance, low-noise, high-headroom mic preamplifiers
  • Includes Studio One Artist DAW software and 6+ GB of third-party resources

While other audio interfaces may require an AC adapter or batteries to operate, the PreSonus audio only requires its USB cable.

The PreSonus audio interface is bus-powered, meaning that it can operate using its USB cable as a power source. With such a feature, you can record tracks anywhere using a laptop alongside this audio interface.


  • Includes free downloading of more than 6 GB of third-party resources
  • Has high-performance instrument inputs
  • Features zero-latency monitoring


  • May face some compatibility issues with various software

5. Native Instruments USB Audio Interface

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 MK2 Audio Interface
  • Audio Quality: Premium quality at 192 kHz / 24-bit
  • +48V, USB, and MIDI status LEDs
  • Direct monitoring with mono/stereo switch and channel switching
  • Compatible with Mac and PC (ASIO/Core Audio/DirectSound/WASAPI)
  • Includes USB cable

With this multicolored audio interface, you can enjoy a wide range of sounds and instrument effects. The Native Instrument audio interface comes with over 3 gigabytes of samples that include more than 1000 sounds.

It also includes software made exclusively for DJ-ing, which consists of various tools you might need for mixing tracks and evolving your ideas.


  • Includes headphone output with a separate switch control
  • Contains a mono input switch for recording mono sources
  • USB powered


  • Pops and clicks may interfere with the recording audio

USB audio interfaces are great devices when it comes to recording audio. We hope this article has helped you decide on which USB audio interface for recording vocals available is suitable for you.

We'd like to recommend the GoXLR audio interface as our best pick. With the help of its features, your musical ideas will certainly come to life.

However, if you'd like an audio interface that contains more features than the GoXLR, you can consider the Native Instruments audio interface as a better alternative.

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