Welcome to this monthly chart, where we identify and break down the top 15 melodic techno anthems.

May was stacked with high-energy tracks, hosting a ton of interstellar originals and remixes from household names in melodic techno and underground talent. Get ready to submerge yourself in a sonic journey through the latest hits within this genre.

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Citizen Kain, DJ AroZe – Us [Simulate]

With releases on Afterlife, Upperground, Siamese, and Atlant, and his music supported by household names like Mind Against, Solomun, ARTBAT, Tale Of Us, and Adriatique, Citizen Kain is the beacon of melodic techno. Joining forces with DJ AroZe, their new track “Us” is a staple of Simulate’s mind-altering compilation, The Infrastructure 2.0. This project features a ton of other trance-inducing heaters, including Massano and Zafrir’s “Ana,” Adam Sellouk and SICKWENZ’s “Enemy,” PACS and Who Else’s “Disconnected,” and Bigfett’s “The Jungle” to name a few.

“Us” tells the tale of a broken relationship, powered by toxicity that is difficult to resist. Its dramatic builds and seductive vocals are beyond masterful.

ELEVIN – Consciousness [Self-Release]

Based in Miami, ELEVIN is as skillful as they come in the art of melodic techno production. Defying the odds of today’s electronic music space, he has proved with enough hard work and creativity you can be successful as a fully independent artist. He has taken his knowledge and insight and put it towards not only growing his project, but forging a platform called the ELEVIN Foundation to promote independent, underground artists from across the planet, becoming a high-impact music curator for melodic techno.

While you should absolutely dive into the rest of ELEVIN’s catalog, “Consciousness” is an auditory marvel, fueled by an intense bassline, crisp percussion, and futuristic synths. It takes each listener on a unique adventure through sound.

Ed Lopes – Axiom of Choice [Hiato Music]

The elements that really locked me into this anthem is how much the intensity grows during its buildups and how the vocals pair so seamlessly with the atmosphere. Ed Lopes’ “Axiom of Choice” invites listeners to look deep into themselves and embrace their passions, motivating them to “rise again” and move past their mistakes.

Despite the lengthy buildups, they keep you engaged the whole time before the stand-alone lyrics are delivered, followed by an electrifying drop. This gem is part of Ed’s three-track EP, which also features “Mobius” and a remix of “Axium of Choice” from ID ID.

Trilucid – Kasamansa (Paul Thomas Remix) [UV]

Paul Thomas’s remix of “Kasamansa” by Trilucid is arguably the most uplifting song on this month’s countdown. The original is already overflowing with dreamy textures and emotional vocal chants. Paul’s remix embraces everything that makes it special and doubles down on its positive vibes. This is a great tune to queue up while reaching the top of the mountain while on a hike, or contrastingly while meditating.

Burko, NotEvenTanner – Sunrise Demon [There Is A Light]

Shaping his project around the mantra “Activate the Ascent,” Burko undeniably does this in his collaborative single “Sunrise Demon,” alongside talented singer-songwriter NotEvenTanner. Out now on revered label There Is A Light, this track hyperbeams its audience to the late-night afterhours. It awakens the party animal in them, centered around the lyrics, “I’m not sleeping, just started peaking,” before executing an infectious drop with resonating percussion.

Zamna Soundsystem, ROZYO, Armonica, Blu – Summertime Sadness [Zamna]

Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” is one of the most iconic hits of the 21st century. Many have remixed and flipped it to reflect their own style of music, but none like this dream-team of artists, made up of Zamna Soundsystem, ROZYO, Armonica, and Blu. This incredible melodic techno-based cover utilizes the same lyrics with a new voice, one that is just as alluring and invigorating as Lana’s. It is a go-to track for any house and techno DJ’s setlist, and is sure to leave the crowd roaring with excitement.

RUBACK, SLVR– Technologyk [Simulate]

Simulate’s The Infrastructure 2.0 compilation is so stacked that it was impossible not to include at least one more of the songs from it in May’s top selects. From the minds of twin brothers Marcos and Lucas Ruback Schmidt, you may know this duo as one of Brazil’s most celebrated artists, Dubdogz. After debuting RUBACK for nearly 30,000 people at their home country’s biggest festival, Só Track Boa, this project has exponentially gained notoriety for its amazing sets and mind-bending melodic techno.

Uniting with Italian artist SLVR, “Technologyk” questions the construct of one’s reality and future of our world as technology advancements skyrocket. Its vocal chops and layers of irregular soundscapes like a phone ringing mesh perfectly with the track’s tantalizing bassline.

KRCL, Hard Reset, Eleonora – Need Your Love [widerworks]

A solid match with its encompassing label widerworks, KRCL, Hard Reset, and Eleonora explore uncharted musical territory with “Need Your Love.” With beautiful vocals at the heat of this track, it is surrounded by heavenly effects and captivating synth projections. It is easy to get lost in this song, all you have to do is close your eyes and you will visualize a setting that is simultaneously serene and mysterious,

OTIOT, Billy Esteban, Rialans on Earth, Cafe De Anatolia – Sto Mi Omilelo [Cafe De Anatolia]

Cranking up the energy, this tune from OTIOT, Billy Esteban, Rialans on Earth, and spearheaded by Cafe De Anatolia is the epitome of a melodic techno party starter. It fuses a majestic flute with a riveting buildup, that continuously rises until it adapts into an epic drop. One of the cooler aspects of this song, is that it reintroduces the same flute in the beginning throughout, but in different orientations. “Sto Mi Omilelo” has an outstanding balance of live instrumentation and electronic production.

BOg, Afnan Prince – Heal [Spectrum]

BOg, originally from Romania and now based in Paris, is a transformative figure in electronic music. As a DJ, label owner of Atlant, and producer on labels like Watergate and Diynamic, his journey is a testament to dedication and creativity. His sets are immersive experiences, weaving intricate sonic landscapes. Now he continues his hot streak with “Heal,” partnering with gifted vocalist Afnan Prince to present an adventure through sound. This song is full of progressive production that allows you to heal your mind and spirit, on top of enjoying great music.

Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi – Adrinkra [Outta Limits Recordings]

Stan Kolev is the proud founder of Miami-based electronic music label Outta Limits Recordings, which has been redefining the progressive house landscape since 2005. In 2011, he teamed up with DJ-producer hybrid Matan Caspi; this pair has been delivering hits and running the imprint together ever since.

Showcasing their contagious styles of sound design, Stan and Matan’s latest collaborative single “Adinkra,” will make you dance from start to finish. From top to bottom, the drums, lyrics, effects, piano harmonies, and main bassline are expertly crafted to provide listeners with the smoothest sonic experience imaginable. Its tribal chants is the glue that brings this extraordinary work to life.

Peer Kusiv – Air [Forevermore]

One of the top music producers from Northern Germnay, Peer Kusiv has developed a diverse musical palette from classical to techno. Experimenting with music production from age 12, he crafted a unique style blending samples and genres. His debut album Natur und Techno in 2012 showcased his blend of somber synthesizers and classical melodies. Celebrated for his live sets, he’s released EPs and remixes on esteemed labels like Embassy One and Get Physical.

“Air” continues Peer Kusiv’s legacy with a sensational blend of synths, stabs, and interstellar echoing effects. It truly feels as if you are lifting off in a spaceship, shooting through the atmosphere to embark on a mission through the sky and into space.

Goom Gum – Don’t Wake Up [Avtook Records]

Formed in 2018, Goom Gum, a dynamic DJ-producer duo, swiftly gained recognition from electronic music heavyweights like Solomun, Pete Tong, and Tale Of Us. Their tracks, released on esteemed labels such as Afterlife and Armada, dominate dance charts globally, with hits like “Pantheon” topping Beatport’s main chart. Their presence is omnipresent at Afterlife shows, captivating audiences with their innovative sound and dazzling visuals.

“Don’t Wake Up” is another anthem that is primed for Afterlife as well as intimate clubs and massive warehouse raves. If this song was a dream, you would never want to wake up from it.

Innēr Sense (ofc) – Feelings [SHÈN Recordings]

“Feelings” has earned its place as my favorite track from May’s selections, constructed by rising duo Innēr Sense. It is just one piece of the puzzle that makes up SHÈN: The Next Gen, Vol. 1, featuring Artche, Warung, Tom Westy, a bunch of up-and-coming artists and even some like Joe Kadmin with their first-ever official release. It is hard to describe the feelings that this song gives me in words, all I can do is urge you to listen to it and see where its remarkable production takes you.

Adriatique, Solique, ALSO ASTIR – Changing Colors [X Recordings]

Wrapping up May’s best melodic techno and progressive house anthems, Adriatique and Solique sculpt their percussive-laden melodic techno into “Changing Colors.” Sprawling across this five-minute composition, the duos skillfully blend rhythmic instrumentals with ethereal vocals by Also Astir. This latest release on X Recordings demonstrates the depth of talent within the group, transitioning from gradual builds to intricate breaks, ensuring a steady rhythm that asserts dominance over dancefloors everywhere.

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