It is already our sixth edition of Magnetic’s melodic techno chart, where we select the top 15 tracks across this genre each month and dive into what we love about them, while sharing a look into the artist behind each song. There seems to be zero shortage of great melodic techno and progressive house nowadays, as this list was extremely difficult to narrow down.

We had to cut over half of our initial playlist for June so we could deliver our favorite 15, including anthems from melodic techno superstars like MRAK, Korolova, Kasablanca, and RUBACK. However, this chart is never complete without a handful of mesmerizing tracks from underground and rising producers, such as DEEP INSIDE, Stephan Klauning, Kasia, and Adam Nazar. We also have a solid amount of melodic techno veterans on display for your sonic entertaiment; check out our picks for June below.

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Korolova, Mark Tarmonea, AGAP – WHISPERS [Zamna]

Let’s kick off June’s melodic techno chart with a spellbinding three-way collaboration from Korolova, Mark Tarmonea, and AGAP. “WHISPERS” is just one of 12 reality-bending tracks across Zamna Records’ Soundscapes (Phase One) compilation. Other songs I am really digging on this project is Alfa Romero’s “Underlove” and “Cold Place,” by Jonas Saalbach and Guzy. I strongly recommend listening to all of it and choosing your own top tracks; also featured is Citizen Kain, Goom Gum, Aaron Suiss, Zamna Soundsystem, and EathLife, to name a few.

“WHISPERS” stands out to me due to its extremely clean and well-rounded sound design, plus its vocals are hypnotic and blend seamlessly with the underlying synths and effects. Additionally, the drop conveys some next-level energy, transmitting a wave of melodic techno that will leave crowds roaring.

Kasablanca – Terminal Feeling [Anjunabeats]

One of the greatest electronic-live duos in today’s dance music scene, witnessing Kasablanca live is always an audio-visual spectacle. This crosses over into their production, as there is never a shortage of mesmerizing analog synths and dreamy textures.

“Terminal Feeling” alludes to the heartbreaking cancer diagnosis of Kasablanca member Micky, transforming pain into power and putting their creative genius on display. It is overflowing with ethereal vocals and futuristic bassline that could easily be in the Blade Runner soundtrack.

Henri Bergmann, Wennink – Come On [Automatik]

Another cyberpunk-esque experience is Henri Bergmann and Wennink’s “Come On.” This is one of my favorite tracks of the year for a few specific reasons, with the first being its vocals.

The voice radiates a vibe that can be traced back to a handful of classic rock singers from the 70s and 80s. The lyrics tell the story of traveling into the future and changing the world, aligning perfectly with the overall essence that the instrumental delivers.

DEEP INSIDE (UA), Stephan Klauning – Samson [Yanara Records]

A serious and somewhat dark atmosphere is carried by “Samson,” consistent with a significant amount of tracks in DEEP INSIDE and Stephan Klauning’s catalog. This duo made a splash on our first ever melodic techno chart this past January, taking us on a journey with “Gideon.”

Similar to “Gideon,” “Samson” is primed for Yanara Records, filled with deep percussion and intense textures that make it a go-to song for warehouse raves and vast club settings.

Grigoré – Supreme Influencer [Tenet Recordings]

Grigoré’s one-of-a-kind melody and groove create a continuous flow in every track, optimal for endless dancing at any venue. His music philosophy is straightforward: tunes for body and soul, brought to life with captivating atmospheres and the dynamic energy of analog synthesizers.

This is evident in his double-single EP release, made up of “Supreme Influencer” and “Splashy ego.” Sonically, the first track hyperbeamed me into a digital realm about 1,000 years into the future. I appreciate the artistic genius in how Grigoré weaves in elements of phonk and multiple vocal leads, with the primary one being simultaneously seductive and rebellious.

KASIA, Binaryh – Chronix [Zamna]

Step aside Afterlife, Zamna absolutely dominated the melodic techno circuit all of June. I was not surprised to see the label’s Soundscapes (Phase Two) compilation feature highly-respected acts like Rafael Cerato, Monophase, and Layla Benitez, but was surprised that it came just two weeks after Soundscapes (Phase One) blessed progressive house enthusiasts.

Like Phase One, Phase Two encompasses a carefully-curated selection of talented up-and-comers such as Andro and MANTi. Be sure to check out “Feelings,” “Underrated,” “Chimera,” “Final Call,” “Easy,” and “Evoke” on the compilation, and of course “Chronix,” which happened to be my favorite. Welded together by KASIA and Binaryh, this anthem is exactly what comes to mind when I picture an underground melodic techno rager.

Nihil Young, Adam Nazar – Sequoia [FRCST]

Having been in the game for quite a while now, Nihil Young is having a monumental year. He has been consistently releasing tracks that have landed in our top picks each month, including his remix of Meye’s “The Reckoning” in March and “Moth to a Flame” alongside James De Torres and Adam Nazar in April.

He and Adam are back and they mean business, provoking powerful emotions with “Sequoia.” This beautifully crafted tune does a phenomenal job of blending a driving yet softer bassline with soothing vocals.

Stan Kolev – Originate [Outta Limits Recordings]

Veteran Stan Kolev has been one of my favorite underground artists since discovering melodic techno and progressive house. Founder of Miami-based label, Outta Limits Recordings, and co-label head with fellow DJ-producer hybrid Matan Caspi, Kolev frequently takes his talents to India and other parts of Asia that crave his extensive library of hypnotic tracks.

“Originate” is another name added to the list of his hits, which may be difficult to count at this point. It embodies signature tribal soundscapes from Kolev with resonating percussion and sequences of sitar that will put you under his spell.


Stemming from the gifted minds of Marcos and Lucas Ruback Schmidt, aka Dubdogz, these twin brothers have been forging incredible tracks and touring since they were 16 years old. Now, 15 years later, they are one of the most beloved acts in Brazil, having racked up over a billion streams on Spotify alone toward their collective projects.

RUBACK is fairly new to the melodic techno and progressive house scene, having debuted at Só Track Boa festival in May 2023. However, they have released a constant stream of certified heaters since launching this alter-ego, with “SERENA” falling in line with this routine. Teaming up with Amensens for the track, it boasts a Middle Eastern aura, complete with vocal chops and dreamy echoing.

MRAK – Portal [Afterlife]

Speaking of dreamy, melodic techno fans across the world just had their one of their dreams turn to reality as MRAK, one-half of famed duo Tale Of Us, closed out June with the release of The Pledge. This six-track odyssey features braev, David Lindmer, Wasiu, and a remix with Omnya.

Each song brings something different to the table, but my top three are “The World Is Yours,” The Flame,” and “Portal.” Listen to the third one below and you will quickly identify that it is figuratively a portal to another sonic dimension. I am a big fan of the vocal phrases, both “a way through…” and “control” that are seamlessly worked into “Portal” at all the right moments.

Andrewboy, Shane 54 – Klondyke (RAIDON & Ryven Remix) [UV Noir]

Andrewboy and RAIDON are becoming regulars on this melodic techno chart, having made February’s edition with their collaborative anthem, “Higher State.” This time it is not a full on collab, but RAIDON linking up with Ryven, who dropped his debut EP just a few months ago, to remix Andrewboy and Shane 54’s “Klondyke.”

This remix and the original are adjoined with “Heist Film,” resulting in a three-track EP. What lured me into the remix was RAIDON and Ryven’s ability to crank up the energy a few notches.

Local Dialect – Frequency [Independent Release]

For melodic techno fanatics, Local Dialect’s Spotify bio, simply stating “We speak your language,” reigns true. This rising duo has been on a tear by channeling sonic experimentation and reality-shifting, lengthy builds into their tracks, leading to multiple appearances on Gorgon City’s Realm and Zerothree Music.

Frequency / Hera is double-single EP, coupled with extended mixes for each track. When I close my eyes and bump to “Frequency,” a civil war among robots pops into my head. This would be a great addition to The Creator‘s soundtrack.

Anakim, Dark Heart, Fýnn – Seconds Away [Celestial Body]

Initially blowing up in the tech house scene, multi-faceted artist Dark Heart showcases his diverse set of production skills with “Seconds Away.” If you enjoy this cutting-edge track, then you are guaranteed to get sucked into the sonic atmosphere of “Amnesia,” Dark Heart’s 2023 single.

Upon my first listen of “Seconds Away,” I noticed a very familiar, captivating voice. This voice belongs to Frýnn, the singer-songwriter behind CamelPhat’s hit song from their Spiritual Milk LP, “Many Times.” Additionally, blossoming artist Anakim brings his signature production style into the fold.

Victor Garde – Voices Of Eternia [Siona Records]

The only other contender with Zamna Records for melodic techno label of the month is Siona Records, spearheaded by Ukranian superstar DJ and producer, Miss Monique. As one of the best-selling progressive house labels on Beatport, Siona builds on its resume with Siona Records: V Anniversary, a compilation that will leave its listeners at a loss for words.

This unexplainable feeling is caused by the myriad of rising artists on this 15-track masterpiece. Some of my top picks to queue up is HKA’s “Beginnings,” BIPOLUR’s “Trust Me,” Andrewboy’s “Ikigai,” Darin Epsilon’s “Nirmata,” and Wouter Achterberg’s “Afterburn.” Although, the best song from the compilation has to be Victor Garde’s “Voices of Eternia,” emitting a robotic fever dream into your headphones and speakers.

Cristoph – Xop [Consequence of Society]

The final track on from June’s melodic techno chart, Cristoph’s “Xop” is a remarkable exploration of sound, as expected from this revered veteran. His FaCet series has been mystifying melodic techno and progressive house enthusiasts since its beginning.

“Xop” is a piece of FaCet Vol.3, which contains five other tracks, crossing over into other sub-genres outside of the melodic techno realm but still in the same genre family. Besides “Xop,” “Pale White Rose” with Luke Coulson and “Give Me An Answer” with Afnan Prince are must-listens on the EP.


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