Shots, shots, shots! No, not the kind you are used to in the club, but rather the vaccine that will allow us to dance together again! We are creeping closer and closer to the elusive "herd immunity," but until then, C. Da Afro, Monsieur Van Pratt, Psymon Spine,  and the other fine artists on this month's chart are here to keep the disco fires burning! Let's dance, shall we?

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1. C. Da Afro - Let's Do It

"Let's Do It" is classic C. Da Afro. Taken from the Funk Force EP, this track leans heavily on '70s funk/disco inspirations, breathy vocals, deep thumping bass, brass notes, and tinkling piano chords, altogether making you realize you just might have on too many clothes for a jam this funky!

2. Kraak & Smaak - Twilight feat. Izo FitzRoy (Aeroplane Remix)

Kraak & Smaak's brilliant album Pleasure Centre just keeps giving us fantastic new versions of its tracks, even two years after its release. The original had a jazzy vibe, but the Aeroplane remix paints the track with a very current nu-disco brush. This sounds lush and bright, something that you will definitely want to soak up some sun listening to.

3. Sammy Deuce & HP Vince - You Gotta Dance (Sam's House Mix)

You probably know Sammy Deuce and HP Vince from their solo work, so the unexpected joining of forces comes as a welcome surprise! The result of their union is the terrific "You Gotta Dance." This is Sammy Deuce's classic disco take on the track, and you can also find HP Vince's more nu-disco-edged version on the EP as well. Both are terrific versions, so you can't go wrong with adding this EP to your collection!

4. Monsieur Van Pratt - Force Funk

If you hadn't already decided to buy the Force Funk EP, then Monsieur Van Pratt's "Force Funk" should convince you! This jam sounds like the kind of music I want to hear playing at every cocktail party I attend, just so you have a reason to dance. This track gets deeply funky as it progresses, so if you play this in the presence of other people someday, you will need to be able to move some furniture out of the way to make a dancefloor!

5. Moonroy - Fly Together

Moonroy's great track "Fly Together" sounds like another '70s soundtrack that you missed while it played in the background of your favorite show, but lucky for us, it's modern day, swing me around a dancefloor disco! The track is full of silky smooth strings to get you in the mood for travel, and it's ready for flight!

6. Psymon Spine - Channels

This track is hashtagged as Angry Disco, which is a perfect way to describe it, and I defy you not to dance your booty off to it! Sometimes you just need to scream it out, and lord knows that last year has given us plenty to scream about, so why not dance at the same time? Brooklyn's own Psymon Spine is a funky little outfit that is definitely a band to watch!

7. Ezirk - Groovy Baby

From the brilliant Fragrant Edits EP, Ezirk is back to hit us with a groove that makes us want to move! "Groovy Baby" is full of little beeps & boops that sound like space lasers, surrounded by soulful vocals, plenty of horns & strings, and just enough bass to keep it bumpin'! Check it out on Duchess Records now!

8. Disco Lust - French Conection

Ooh, la, la indeed! Disco Lust aka Chewy Vega & Rafa Varela are back with one of many hot new tracks they released in February, but "French Connection" has a special way of taking you on a journey, a journey to the land of disco! Congas, plunky bass lines and synth strings will get you swaying to the beat, and in no time you will be in disco heaven! Check this out on Dusty Disko Records now.

9. The Velvet Stripes - Disco Street

As we travel around the world via disco, The Velvet Stripes bring us to "Disco Street". I would like to live on disco street for sure, a place with 1000 discos! As soon as we get enough shots in arms to get clubs open again, I am confident that this track will be played loud and proud! This track represents everything that is right about disco and it's community. We will dance together again!

10. Igor Gonya - Tenderness

Busy music boss Igor Gonya is back with "Tenderness", a sweeping and blissful journey into the soundscape that is disco. This track is dreamy, like laying in a field in springtime dreamy. The strings and distorted guitar chords will wash over you like a cool summer breeze. This song is meant to be played poolside!

11. Hosannas - Good Medicine (B. Bravo Remix)

B. Bravo has breathed a breath of fresh life into Hosannas 2018 "Good Medcine." Bravo gives the track a sweet nu-disco edge to the original, again taking a track from the land of indie/dance music and giving a little disco gloss. Outside of the vocal, this is a brand new track, and I can't wait to see what is next for Bravo!

12. Lamadrid - About Disco

"Disco Will Never Be Gone" are the opening lyrics to Lamadrid's "About Disco," and is a true love letter to the genre. The lyric thoughtfully speaks to why we love disco,  because it isn't just a sound, it's a sound and a vibe that is part of us. Disco has a way of working its way into the fabric of our DNA. "Something that is so, so good, so important, so great, can never die." Preach!

13. Fred Everything - Here (Now) (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

This song has history! When Fred Everything released the original "Here (Now)" in 2003, I am sure it never crossed his mind he would be revisiting it in 2020 while in lockdown, but here we are! With the genius of a Prins Thomas remix, this track has taken the new version and added Thomas' ethereal space disco touch, creating an all-time disco classic!

14. Saucy Lady - Inside My Love

Saucy Lady is back with her excellent EP Delirious. The tracks on this EP range from '80s R&B to Disco/Funk to Fusion Jazz. "Inside My Love" is a pure Disco/Funk love song full of longing, desire, and enough heat to light up a city. The lyrics are sultry and Saucy Lady's vocals are sweet and sexy. Do yourself a favor and pick up this EP on Star Creature now.

15. Jessie Ware - Remember Where You Are (Single Edit)

"Remember Where You Are" is Jessie Ware's message to her lover amidst the Covid-19 crisis, but it truly has universal applications. She sings, "the heart of the city is on fire but nothing is different in my arms." We are fortunate enough to have this single released almost a year after the album was released, as a reminder to stay strong and hold the ones you love dearly, as love (and science) are going to be the things that get us through this crisis.

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