April is seeing record numbers of people getting vaccinated, which means one thing, we are all ready to party! Me & My Toothbrush, Jean Tonique, Yung Bae, and the other glittering artists on this month's chart are ready to help you do just that! 

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1. Rhyze - Do Your Dance (Moodena Remix)

The art of the edit is not for the faint of heart, because if you don't make the track truly your own, it just sounds like you covered a song. Moodena takes a classic 1980 R&B track and turns it into an instant disco classic. The original provides the perfect foundation of funk to layer over some bouncing bass, modern synth sounds, and some computer magic to create the perfect amount of heat!

2. Dominic Balchin - A Touch Of Jazz

Alright, Dominic Balchin, where have you been all my life? "A Touch Of Jazz" is disco with a dab of jazz that flows so perfectly you think that it can't get any better, then at 2:50 this super funky bass kicks in, followed up with some soulful organs, and lastly the sweetest horns you've ever wanted to hear. This is a jam made for the sunshine!

3. INXS - Need You Tonight (Pierre-M Need A Boogie Remix)

First things first, I am an old school INXS fan, so any kind of re-work is going to seem suspect to me; which is why I was so pleased to hear Pierre-M respect the vocal of "Need You Tonight" while adding original music that not only makes sense, but makes the track sexy in a whole new way! If this is what he can do with an edit, then I can't wait to hear original tracks from Pierre-M!

4. Mark Brickman - Classic feat. Mr. V (Yam Who? Remix)

"Classic" chugs in like a train, a disco train that is! Mark Brickman is back on Black Riot! Records with Mr. V telling us just what a classic is, sounding sexy as hell while doing it! Yam Who? is here to add his Midas touch to the mix, which is always welcome. "When you're a classic, everyone is always after you" is the lyric, and everyone should be playing this track because it's a "Classic"!

5. Munky Fike - Sweet Lady

Sundries just continue to pump out hot track after hot track, and this month we get to talk about Munky Fike's "Sweet Lady", and boy is she sweet! This track is an edit of L.A.X. "All My Love," and is full of bright brass, synth, and a full sax breakdown. This is where the '70s and '80s influences got together and made this sweet baby. Munky Fike is preserving history in all the right ways.

6. Disco Sparks - Lose Me (Extended Mix)

Disco Sparks aka Ed Burley and Richard Marinus isn't going to "Lose Me," rather they have my complete attention! This track has a classic Disco vibe that is just right and will make you want to hear it at every pool party. Midnight Riot! is serving this one up and the temperature is hot! Make sure to grab some sunscreen!

7. Hamza Rahimtula & Loopy Juice - Living It Up

If you like a little spice in your life, then "Living It Up" is a track for you! Indian house producer Hamza Rahimtula joined forces with Loopy Juice to create the fantastic Givin It Up EP on Selekta Recordings. There are certainly some nods to house music on this track, but disco comes through with the flute, sax, congas, and vocal harmonies. Do yourself a favor and check out this EP now!

8. Drop Out Orchestra & Monsieur Van Pratt - Organ Fett

Drop Out Orchestra and Monsieur Van Pratt's Beginning EP just keeps bringing the heat, this time with the super funky "Organ Fett." The undeniable groove provided by the deep bass and even deeper sax mixes perfectly with the lightness of the '80s synth combinations. Don't forget to play this one loud at your next dance party! 

9. Villanis - Soaked In Sweat

Are you ready to sweat? Villanis is here with "Soaked In Sweat" to make sure you are 100% drenched by the end of this song! "You can't stop me now, no you ca-a-an't" is the lyric and the vibe that will make you want to play this track over and over again! Take a look at the equally fun video. Party time is coming again soon and you will want this one in rotation!

10. Yung Bae - Woman On The Moon feat. UPSAHL

Yung Bae has been hard at work doing collaborations with other artists over the past few months and "Woman On The Moon" featuring vocalist UPSAHL is another exciting tease for hopefully a full length album. This track has all the signature disco glitter that we have come to associate with Yung Bae, but with some modern pop-radio friendly flavor. 

11. Rafael Yapudjian - Mystery Child

If you could pour a song over ice and sip it by the pool, Rafael Yapudjian's "Mystery Child" is that song! It's smooth and sweet, and glides over the ear drums like butter. This jam has some seriously funky keyboard work and a jazzy tone overall. Make sure to grab this over at Super Spicy Records now!

12. Kids In America - Summer of Love (Jean Tonique Remix)

Jean Tonique is back to add the "summer" to Kids In America's "Summer of Love." Whereas the original song had more of an acoustic, chill vibe to it, this remix adds the disco dancing gloss, which is still chill, but totally danceable! 

13. Final DJs - Moorea

Final DJ's "Moorea" is giving me island vibes right from the opening notes! This track might be categorized as "Yacht Disco." The groove is funky and super chill at the same time. You will definitely want to listen to it around some water, even if it's just in the shower! 

14. Get To Know & Andre Espeut - Something Deep (Soundcloud Edit)

Of course you know Get To Know from his excellent edits and Andre Espeut from his consistently killer funky vocals, so "Something Deep" gives us the funk from two of the best in the modern disco field! This track has a nice blend of '70s Disco/Funk, a little '80s synth flair, and a solid dose of Andre's oh, so smooth vocals to create something so danceable you won't want to sit down!

15. Me & My Toothbrush - Intoxicated

Me & My Toothbrush are blazing back on the Disco scene with their intoxicating track "Intoxicated." With just enough vocals to keep the groove going, whoos in just the right places, and plenty of plunky bass to get you biting that bottom lip, you will feel a little high just by listening to this jam! Check it out on Enormous Tunes now!

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