As expected, Ten City has announced a new album Judgment, which will be released in June. The iconic house duo of Marshall Jefferson and Byron Stingily released their first song together in 25 years early this year and now will unveil their fifth album together. To help push the LP, they are reviving their seminal track “Devotion,” originally released in 1987 and re-released in 1989, with a Marshall Jefferson remix.

“Devotion” has an interesting story that involves Jefferson and Stingily going on a double date.

“The lyrics are about two women that myself and Byron went on a double date with. They seemed to have been in bad relationships before. Byron started singing and we came up with the idea that if previous men had treated them better, they wouldn’t be so bitter,” explains Jefferson. “I took Byron’s original and positive vocal ideas ‘I want to give you Devotion’ and came up with the music the same night because it was a great vibe.”

Illyus & Barrientos have also remixed “Devotion,” which will be released on March 19.

This will be Ten City’s first album in 27 years. Earlier this year, the pair released their first song together in 25 years “Be Free.” Judgment will be released on June 18 via Ultra Records, so get ready for some quality house music this summer. DJs better play these records if clubs open back up that weekend in the UK. A complete tracklist has not been released for Judgment yet.