Italian techno stalwarts — Armine Conte and Matteo Milleri — ficially released their long anticipated mix for London’s seminal Nightclub. With duo’s roots in Fabric dating back to the most nascent stage their career, they were an obvious act to chart for the mix series.

“Our techno sound has a certain amount melody and melancholy” explain the group. “The music we produce and play will always have this. We just like a bit drama.”

The aforementioned drama has garnered Tale Us the praise techno critics and fanatics alike and, at a point culmination in their storied career as artists, the mix at hand serves as a finale sorts. The moody, theatric compilation features the expansive soundscapes  Patrice Bäumel, , , , and Tale Us themselves, only to name a few.

Tale Us will be celebrating the launch at a daytime party on Sunday 25th February, with an extended, all-day-long set.

1.          Tom Flynn – Cup Of Joe Mix Exclusive]
2.          Recondite – Saudade Afterlife]
3.          Trikk – Metala Mix Exclusive]
4.          Agents Of Time – Ness Mix Exclusive]
5.          Mind Against & Aether – Covenant Mix Exclusive]
6.          Pisetzky – Bakwas Mix Exclusive]
7.          Efdemin – There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix) Dial]
8.          Reference – Ghetto Nebula 200 Records]
9.          Marino Canal – Faint Light Mix Exclusive]
10.       Fideles – Resonant Mix Exclusive]
11.       Patrice Bäumel – The Hatchet Afterlife]
12.       Mathame – Lifetime Mix Exclusive]
13.       Denis Horvat – 4th Wall Mix Exclusive]
14.       Brian Cid – Plot Thickens Mix Exclusive]
15.       Fur Coat – Squared Minds Mix Exclusive]
16.       Adana Twins – Sequence 01 Afterlife]
17.       Soulholic & 7Options – Memorial Day MoBlack]
18.       Kevin De Vries – Path To Immortality Mix Exclusive]
19.       Tale Of Us – Error Error Mix Exclusive]
20.       Adriatique – Ray Afterlife]