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Ambient Meditations Season 2 - Vol 44 - Douran

This week on Ambient Meditations we are featuring Parisian DJ and Producer Douran who is celebrating the release of his new EP Avalanche. His music is big, cinematic, and ethereal without a hint of cheese. His more dancey stuff harks back to the days of true progressive, when Sasha and Digweed, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman and other UK jocks held court. So it's only fitting that his AM mix leans into those epic sounds, perfect for taking with you on a long scenic drive or a trip to the outer atmosphere. Here is the soundtrack for your big dreamy interstellar weekend, even if you are just sitting on your lawn chair with a cocktail. Let's Go!

Ambient Meditations Tracklisting: Douran

1. Jon Hopkins - Light Through The Veins
2. Parra For Cuva - Temperature Of Traveling
3. Ben Böhmer - Flug & Fall
4. Midas 104 - Humming top
5. Stimming - Der Schmelz (David August Revision)
6. Kris Davis - Always
7. Robot Koch - Reach (feat. Delhia De France) [Chi Thanh Remix]
8. Douran - Awakening
9. We Are All Astronauts - Ether

"In this mix (and indeed in all my mixes in general whether live or just for the internet) I really tried to create a musical journey with a narrative progression and always melodic and emotionally intense tracks! I also love to surprise by integrating film music in the intro, in the finale or even sometimes in the middle of my mixes. Here I chose Jon Hopkins for the intro and an Ether from We Are All Astronauts for the finale. I also slipped in a track from my latest EP "Avalanche"! - Douran

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More About Douran:

Multi-talented cinematic electronica producer and composer Douran has released his new EP Avalanche on May 21st via Allo Floride Records. On the EP, listeners will find the single "Midnight Breath." Ahead of the EP release, the producer already shared the title-track, accompanied by an exclusive remix by Parisian Electronic/ Dance artist Joachim Pastor as well as "Inertia," accompanied by an exclusive remix by the legendary Brazilian underground artist Gui Boratto who has credits on countless releases for major and independent record labels and previously worked with Massive Attack, Goldfrapp, Moby and the Pet Shop Boys). Fans can also expect to hear the previously unreleased remixes by Ryan Davis, Koelle and Fluida.

Parisian producer Douran has received support from CLASH Magazine and DJ Mag (France) as well as tastemaker Youtube channels MrSuicideSheep, Dealer de Musique and Progressive Astronaut, to name a few, contributing to his play count of over 2.6 million across streaming platforms. The talented producer has also had his single "Race To Infinity" playlisted by English DJ and producer Nick Warren and has shared a stage with Solomun, Tale Of Us and Henrik Schwarz along with several other well-known producers. Douran draws upon the likes of Johan Johansson, Olafur Arnalds, and David August for inspiration. In turn, the A-side of the EP calls to mind a unique mixture of Hans Zimmer, Moderat and Rone however, the B-side of remixes reflects the likes of Solomun, Ben Böhmer and Avoure.

As Douran creates his unique cinematic universe with dramatically rolling soundscapes and orchestral synths, the listener's imagination can't help but run wild as it's transported into a land of adventurous rhythmic tones. Giving a selection of remixers the opportunity to run with their imaginations and create their own interpretations, Douran has laid the groundwork for numerous reinterpretations as musicians across the board manage to find resonance and inspiration within his distinctive work.

Douran tells us the concept behind the Avalanche EP: "I really imagined this EP like movie scores, with different intensities and emotions depending on the scenes, but I also thought it through like live music. This EP was actually composed with movies playing in a loop in the background, helping a lot with entering a narrative flow state, and I was often seeing myself playing in a movie theatre in front of a crowd that would come not only to watch a movie but to also dance on some music, like a dancefloor-theater. It's really the duality I was looking for!"