At what age do you think artists creates their best music? Do you think it’s the old guns that have been doing it longer than most of their listeners have been alive? How about that 25 year old who got started at the pinnacle of EDM breaking the music industry, or how about that new-age 16 year-old who probably thinks Skrillex is classic? While I doubt anybody considers Skrillex classic (at least I hope not yet), Laszlo definitely makes you think twice about writing an artist off for not being an “adult.”

The 16 year old Dutch native, who self-taught on everybody’s favorite FL Studio, has been quietly mastering his production skills spanning multiple genres in the past year. Monstercat took notice and quickly signed this up-and-comer and now Laszlo is ready to unleash his first EP, Closer, with the title track available when you pre-order the EP. Take a listen and you’ll forget about this artist’s age.

Laszlo – Closer

How do you like this track – pretty good ain’t it? Laszlo creates the tune with some 16-bit sounding drums adding in a Porter Robinson-esque buildup before exploding the eardrums with a smooth and beautiful drop that reminds me even more of Porter as the 16 year old incorporates singable “oooo’s” and a complex melody that is perfect for summer. Bringing it back down for the bridge, he continues to blow the minds and ears as the second drop comes in and instantly puts a smile on my face.

The end draws near and all I want to know is where this track has been. Every second of this original is pure gold and I wonder why I haven’t heard of him before. He cites influences of The M Machine and Haywyre and continues to expand on the un-definable genre that has gained a great deal of popularity as of late.

You can pre-order the EP now through iTunes, Bandcamp and Google Play for $5 which will be available on June 24th. With the purchase of the pre-order, you receive Closer immediately, which is totally worth the $5. With less than 20,000 followers on SoundCloud, drop him a like and watch this young producer grow the coming years. Monstercat, I think you’ve struck gold with this one.


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