Clubs in Switzerland are starting to reopen following the country relaxing its lockdown restrictions earlier this month.

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Indoor events with a capacity of up to 300 people are now allowed to take place without any social distancing rules, as long as all attendees consent to this upon entry and provide their contact details. Events must end by midnight.

Last weekend Luciano, who lives in Lausanne, played parties that ran from 6pm to midnight at the city’s D! Club and Geneva’s Weeatmix for crowds of 300 and 100 people respectively.

The Switzerland-based DJ told RA: "It was a phenomenal feeling, a true sense of hope. We weren't sure if the events were going to happen, if the police were going to come and shut us down. There were some rules. There was hand sanitiser and some people were wearing masks. At the beginning, there was some separation on the dance floor, but after three or four hours, people were getting closer."

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A decision will be taken by Switzerland’s Federal Council on June 24 on whether to allow events for up to 1,000 people.

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