SWARM brings his darkness to the realm of trap music in his remix of the scarlxrd track Heart Attack. I would have never guessed this since I consider SWARM to be the grown male version of Wednesday Addams, the scarier of the Addams Family children. SWARM tracks are downright scary at times in the most beautiful ways. They all seem to have cohesive darkness to the names such as Kill Me, Take Me To Hell, and Reaper. The last thing I picture when I think of SWARM is him dropping bows on a dancefloor but I will admit it makes perfect sense that the Beelzebub of beats would remix a track called Heart Attack. When asked about the remix this is what SWARM had to say and be sure to listen to Heart Attack (A SWARM Nightmare) bellow.

When I heard the original Heart Attack song, it definitely took me off guard. I had never heard screaming over trap beats before and scarlxrd opened my eyes to a lot of fresh-sounding styles of music that are emerging. To me, it combines the grunge of industrial and the adrenaline rush of metal into this awesome package. Naturally, I had to try to top the intensity, so I drew some heavy influences from metal-core breakdowns into the drops to try to achieve that raw “punch something NOW” feel. I’m really happy with the way it came out!

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