Swarm has dropped Savior, a shadowy midtempo thumper. The Floridian based producer remains unaffected by the cheerful southern sun and continues to create some of the most haunting music on the market. There are people who make dark music and then there are people that exude the darkness within; Swarm is without a doubt the latter. Each new ominous release feels as if Swarm brings you down one circle in Dante’s Inferno. Even the artwork for Savior has a Yellow King vibe, from the chilling HBO show True Detective. On a darkness scale from that goes from staring directly at the sun to an underground cave, I would say Swarm is Vantablack.

Savior starts off with notes that fall like drops of water in a bucket. Synths fill the void like smoke and you can feel the song begin to take shape. Rather than an expansive drop Swarm opts for a minimalistic thumping bass line that rings like a demonic bell toll underneath an evil detuned plucks. Savior is a murky track that marches along consuming everything in its path. The song then drops tuning a half of step mid note for a second or two giving a real disorienting effect. Shuffling percussion complete with tight drum fills round out the vicious track until the song closes out with the bucket dropped notes mirroring the intro. Check out this delightfully sullen track below and be sure to grab the free download HERE.

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