SWARM has entered the void. No, he has not been reborn, but rather he has released the dark midtempo track Void. SWARM writes songs from the heart if the heart was Vantablack. This is not your shiny happy mainstage EDM track. This is not your sadboi emotional melodic track. This track comes from a much darker place. Everything about Void, from lyrics to sound construction, is a perfect audio representation of the sometimes soul-crushing inner monologue I hear when I am going through my darkest times. His ability to use his talents as a producer to perfectly express such pain is why I love SWARM. To quote SWARM himself as he said to his fans in his Facebook group The Faction:

I made this song from a seriously dark place- it might be the darkest of any I've written from. I honestly am still here in that place now, and I'm hoping that with this song being out in the world now and with the video we are about to begin shooting for it, it will pass. That's what the “Void” is. That feeling of hopelessness and wanting to give up on everything.
I want everyone to know that you aren't alone if you feel like I feel: like you are the smallest person on the planet, like you contribute nothing, or like you fail at everything.
IT'S NOT TRUE. I don't believe that yet, but I KNOW that it's not true. Knowing something and believing it are SO DIFFERENT.
I am lucky to have found my outlet for these feelings, but I feel the same sadness or anger or frustration or hopelessness that you might feel sometimes. At the end of the day, I am a guy who has dedicated his life to being alone in front of a computer, or being on a plane for hours on the way to a show to meet you and experience something special with you, or talking with you online about either of those two things. I get extremely sad sometimes (a lot), which is where songs like this are born.
That's the sole purpose of SWARM. Shouting to anyone who will listen that “You aren't alone in feeling down and miserable.” Everyone feels this way. It's ok to feel this way. It's what you DO about it that counts.
I speak this to myself and every one of you:
Don't fucking give up. Sometime in the near future, you will thank yourself for enduring whatever it is that you're going through. I love you. I hope that whoever needed to read this gets to. Perhaps it was just for me, and if so, I hope I take it to heart.

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