Summer Watson leads the way towards full-consciousness with her new single “Unveiled”. The British classical crossover singer-songwriter has recently announced that she will be releasing a new EP in the near future, with a tracklist entirely composed by herself, for the very first time. The Royal College of Music graduate has had a life filled with highs and lows, and has experienced almost everything one can imagine. 

“Unveiled” is the second single to be released off her upcoming EP, after “Break The Silence”, and we can already see a coherent process taking place in her new songs. She has decided to write the songs herself, after years of singing other artists’ music. She has discovered her warrior-self during a victorious battle against cancer, one of the reasons that explain her supernatural strength and decision to share some of the most important teachings learned along the way. “Unveiled” is a call for full-expression, transparency, and faith, some of the crucial elements that Summer Watson points out as being essential parts of the healing process that each human being must undergo at least once in their lives.