Suli Breaks, a renowned London-based poet and spoken word artist, is making waves once again with his latest EP, “Synthetic Heartbreak.” Known for his powerful storytelling and impactful work in education and entrepreneurship, Suli’s new venture into the electronic music scene marks an exciting new chapter in his career.

Synthetic Heartbreak” offers listeners a journey through themes of love, loss, and digital disconnection. The EP is a departure from Suli’s previous collaborations with dance music icons Faithless, featuring Grammy Award-winning Rollo Armstrong and Sister Bliss. With over 15 million streams from these collaborations, Suli’s move into a solo electronic project showcases his versatility and creative evolution.

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The Creative Process Behind “Synthetic Heartbreak”

Collaborating with music producer M4L4Y4, who has received support from prominent figures such as BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs, Rob Da Bank, and Nihal, Suli Breaks brings a refined touch to the EP’s electronic soundscape. M4L4Y4’s expertise in crafting electronic music complements Suli’s poignant lyrics, creating a captivating blend that resonates deeply with listeners.

Suli Breaks has garnered high praise and recognition from notable outlets such as BBC, Huffington Post, Washington Post, TED Global, The Guardian, The Independent, Worldstarhiphop, Huck Magazine, Genius, Speakers Corner, and Huck Magazine describes Suli as an “expressive wordsmith, who never shies away from stinging political critique or deep personal introspection.” His talents and impactful work continue to draw attention and admiration from a global audience.

Suli Breaks’ journey as an artist has been marked by his ability to transcend genres and craft a sound that resonates with both the soulfulness of spoken word and the electrifying energy of electronic music. With “Synthetic Heartbreak,” Suli showcases his evolution and versatility, offering a unique and immersive experience that captivates and inspires.

Common Questions About “Synthetic Heartbreak”

Many fans and listeners might wonder about the inspiration behind “Synthetic Heartbreak” and what sets it apart from Suli’s previous work. This EP represents a significant departure from his collaborations with Faithless as it ventures into a more personal and introspective realm. The themes of love, loss, and digital disconnection are explored with a depth and sensitivity that resonate with the complexities of modern relationships. Additionally, the collaboration with M4L4Y4 and the involvement of a renowned video game animation artist bring a fresh and innovative approach to the project, making it a standout in Suli’s discography.

In conclusion, Suli Breaks’ “Synthetic Heartbreak” is a testament to his artistic growth and evolution. The EP offers a unique blend of electronic music and spoken word, exploring themes that are both timeless and deeply relevant to today’s digital age. With high praise from industry leaders and a growing fan base, Suli continues to push boundaries and create impactful work that resonates profoundly. Don’t miss the chance to experience this transcendent journey through sound and emotion.

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