Subtronics has one of the most diverse sounds in dubstep right now. He has developed a signature sound like no one else and keeps developing it more and more with each release. Now, we have even more bass to headbang to with his newest release “Cyclops Army”.

Most of the tracks on this EP we heard in “Now That's What I Call Riddim Vol. 4” and it's amazing to finally hear them in all their glory. The EP starts out with “Cyclops Army”, paying homage to Subtronics' fan base. With a drop that slaps you right in the face, it's an epic kick off to the EP. “Glitch Fight” is heavy hitting and will make you fall out of your seat if you're aren't prepared for the drops that are coming. “Loopholes” is just as hard and funky with bouncy bass and dialogue. “They Call Me” finishes out the EP with our final dose of wonky bass.

After the release of this EP, Subtronics was added to the Electric Forest lineup, so to say I'm stoked to finally see him live is an understatement. This is just the beginning for Subtronics.

Listen to Cyclops Army here: