The support for women is critical in our generation and culture these days. As a hot topic on last night's Grammy Awards and on the heels the marches that took place on almost every continent a few weekends ago during the Second Annual (ficial) Women's March, equality for women (and all races, for that matter) is finally getting the attention it deserves.

The good news is that this important issue is also making headway in the EDM community. Artists are continuing to voice their opinions and support for females in the industry, with the latest coming from Grammy-nominated DJ, Steve Aoki.

In a recent interview with Channel 4, he says male DJs should “step aside and make room for women” to promote gender equality in the industry. He even goes on to compare the necessity female artists and producers in the space to an “affirmative action stance,” where we MUST take positive action when booking talent to ensure that there is representation from all gender roles and ethnicities.

As a successful artist, DJs like Aoki have a platform to spark change and encourage a new mindset. Whether it's a result conscious effort or simply a natural evolution, it's imperative this primarily male-dominated industry experiences this shift. For a culture that's built on peace, love, unity and respect…for every person, no matter their gender, skin color, preferences or backgrounds – we can be part the solution. Kudos to Steve Aoki and everyone else who champions this new future.