Steve Aoki actually has a bit of history alongside Celine Dion. The unlikely duo first made headlines when they performed together in Las Vegas for a charity event in early 2017. Now they have gotten back together for Deadpool 2. Some headlines I really never thought I would ever write, yet here I am covering an EDM remix of Celine Dion for a superhero movie. I love this industry, as I really never know what to expect next.

Celine Dion – Ashes (Steve Aoki Deadpool 2 Remix)

Celine Dion's megahit ‘Ashes' does not really lend itself to dance music as an easily remixable track. That being said Steve Aoki was able to find something that truly works in his edit. Steve has a history of taking on unlikely crossover tracks and making them EDM gems. Remember his ‘Pursuit of Happiness' remix for Kid Cudi?

If you have not yet seen Deadpool 2 I won't spoil it but the track comes in at an absolutely hilarious part. While Steve took a more subtle approach in his remix and did not create an all-out banger – what he did make is a ton of fun. Check out his official Deadpool 2 remix of ‘Ashes' below.

Hear our friend @steveaoki's remix of Ashes! // Écoutez le remix de la chanson Ashes fait par notre ami Steve Aoki ! 👉🏻 – Team Céline#Deadpool2

— Celine Dion (@celinedion) May 25, 2018