Stephen Swartz first emerged on the dance scene around 3 years ago with a huge track titled “Bullet Train (ft. Joni Fatora)“. I’m not quite sure how, but I completely spaced on this release, and only heard it for the first time a few days ago. It’s raw, heavy, and brimming with the gritty emotion that first drew me to the world of dance music. Shortly after this highly successful original, he remixed Krewella‘s pop crossover “Alive“, then disappeared for a solid 2 years.

What happened? I can’t even attempt to paraphrase his journey from University of Miami junior (and Division 1 athlete), to his current situation as a college dropout and LA based musician. He details his quest for truth, musical maturity, and struggles with sanity in a beautifully written letter on his blog “Sincerely Stephen“, which you can check out HERE. I highly recommend reading the whole thing, it’s a bit long, but really adds some perspective to his songwriting, and overall musical direction.

“I found comfort in accepting I know nothing and I found peace in a constant state of fear. I let go, not just of the superficial dramas of life, but of everything. This gave me the courage to accept the world exactly as it is, and the open eyes and open ears to truly discover myself.”

That being said, his reinvention as an artist, and reinvigorated attempt to pursue his one goal “to find peace within myself”, have led to some undeniably incredible music. His 3 releases over the past 2 months are powerfully vulnerable, desperately emotional, and highly self-reflective. A few days ago, Stephen dropped a video to accompany his re-imagination of Adele’s new hit single “Hello”, featuring Rory Kramer (professional life-liver & videographer for The Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber, Avicii…), assorted tennis rackets, and a copious amount of s’mores. It’s quite a unique take on the track; one which seamlessly melds “Rolling in the Deep” and “Hello” via high octane guitar, and organic percussion.

Check out the video below:

If you enjoyed the above track, make sure to check out his latest originals, “Remembering Myself“, and “Fly Down“. Both feature his distinct vocals, unbelievable production, and were written, mixed, and mastered by Stephen himself.

Embrace a new wave of highly dynamic indie dance, and give Stephen a follow via the links below! He also lives with Koda, who makes amazing music too ?.

~ Stephen ~

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