Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s campaign will eventually take you to Jedha in search of Pilgrim’s Sanctuary. After a bit of exploring, you’ll come across the Crypt of Uhrma, which is locked behind a Force puzzle. There are 8 blocks that can be pulled away from the wall, forming a sort of combination lock made from stone.

Solving the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedha puzzle is actually pretty simple, though you’ll need to step away and follow the main path for a while to find the clue that you’ll need. Opening the Crypt of Uhrma locked puzzle is well worth your time. Not only will you find a Stim Canister upgrade, but also a new side path.

Here’s how to solve the Jedha Crypt of Uhrma puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and what you’ll get for doing so.

‘Star Wars Jedi Survivor’ Jedha puzzle solution for the Crypt of Uhrma

Once inside the Crypt of Uhrma in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you will find a wall with eight blocks on it. The solution to this puzzle is actually found on the main path, meaning you just need to progress the story. Make the climb up to Blustery Mesa, and Cal will comment on a rock formation that looks familiar.

This rock formation gives you the solution to the Jedha puzzle down in the Crypt. You can see it below. Note which blocks are raised (top-left, top-right, bottom middle left, bottom middle right) and head back to the puzzle door.

Approach the wall and use Force Pull (L2/LT) on the blocks that need to be raised. Once you’ve done so, a door will open up. Head inside to find a Stim Canister upgrade. Drop down to the path below, which will lead you to a shortcut. This shortcut will help later on, when you need to meet Skoova about a fish. Also, note the green energy wall in this area. You can return to this later to fight a Legendary Creature.

So there you have it, that’s how to solve the Jedha puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. For more on the game, be sure to check out our Star Wars Jedi voice actors guide. Then, there’s our 5-star Star Wars Jedi Survivor review.

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