Last year, Spinnin' Records launched its new brand campaign ‘Feel It'. The story it told was how artists can break through from their bedroom productions to mainstage performances – and how Spinnin' has helped make these dreams come true throughout the years. Featuring a beautiful video, the message was underlined by a track that was ID until recently. Now, it's officially released, marking a new chapter in Spinnin's brand campaign, get ready to ‘Feel It' by BLR!

Signed to the label years ago when only operating under household name Bolier, this Dutch DJ/producer reached new additional heights under the moniker BLR. Feel It' is about the power of music, how it's so much more than sound, how it can lift you up and take you to unimagined places. Whether it's the magical feeling you share on the dancefloor, or the journey you make as an artist – Spinnin' wants to help you create those special moments. It's not just about delivering great music, it's about creating something special, a soundtrack to your life, that spark of inspiration, when you're not just hearing the music, but feeling it deep into your soul.

“When the Spinnin' team approached me if I'd be interested to contribute to their new brand campaign it was a no-brainer for me; going back so many years I felt honored to be asked creating something for the campaign. The message the brand movie broadcasts is one of positivity and hope, and that's what I tried to capture in the song as well, a positive playful tone to a track with a club heavy backbone.” – BLR