“Imagine you were told a career in music is too risky. Imagine you were told that you were too Asian to make it. Imagine you and your brother back to back against the world, with nothing but hard work and raw talent to count on. We defied all odds, built from ground zero and we never lost faith. We only got one life and we strive to live it to the fullest by making an impact. We are BEAUZ, here to erase the bounds and differences between ideas, cultures, and races – beginning with our music.” – BEAUZ

Announced last week as one of Spinnin's most exciting new projects for the future, Spinnin' Records Asia is aiming to be the dance and electronic music specialist for the world's fastest-growing region. The label will discover and nurture musical talent from the Asian countries, as well as sign and work with artists of Asian heritage from every part of the world, bringing their music to a global audience and BEAUZ is the perfect example of that.

BEAUZ is a US based brother duo coming from an Asian background, working its way up to become a worldwide acclaimed dance act. Following popular singles like ‘Hide And Seek', ‘Crazy' and ‘Sayonara', the guys now return to close off 2019 with their most anticipated single to date: ‘Feel The Light'. It's a record that builds momentum with crystal clear vocals over beautiful, subtle melodies, before unleashing a rushed beat and chopped up vocal effects, marking the moment for the crowd to start dancing. Surely, a strong blend of pop and dance displayed here, not only an exciting step in BEAUZ burgeoning career, but also a promising, and best possible start of a highly ambitious new label.