Soul Clap have announced their new album WTF (World Transformation Force). The LP is being released in a series of EPs with four songs each, starting with World today and then in Transformation in February and Force in March, before the LP is released on Earth Day in April.

As you might take away from the title, press photo and release date, the Boston duo are tackling climate change and environmental destruction with this LP.

"WTF (World Transformation Force) is our reaction to what’s happening to this planet called Earth, and to us, the human beings on it. It’s a call for radical love and radical hope. Our belief that things will get better, even if we are still just beginning to learn how to get there. It’s a wake up call to action, a time for all of us to join together on the path to positive change. Dance music was born as a subversive, underground movement of marginalized people and we believe it’s our duty to follow in their footsteps and use the power of our culture for positive change,” the pair says in a statement.

We spoke to Eli of Soul Clap last summer about his push for a greener dance music community and fighting racial injustice – another theme of this record.

The first EP arrives today with four songs from the LP, which you can hear below. The album brings plenty of soul, funk and of course groove that hopefully be marinating for some fall dancing. The World EP is out here and WTF (World Transformation Force) will be released in full on April 22 via Fools Good.


1. Everybody’s Dancing
2. Back 2 Love ft. Desmond ‘DSP’ Powell
3. Enough Is Enough
4. You Can Shine Too ft. Harriet Brown
5. What If There Was No America? ft. Nona Hendryx
6. BREATH ft. XL Middleton
7. Sometimes We Cry ft. Harry Dennis
8. Gardening ft. Life On Planets
9. Time For A Dialogue ft. Rich Medina
10. T.O.U.G.H. ft. Tra’zae Clinton
11. Manners, Mood & Attitude ft. Greg Paulus
12. Love Yourself ft. Desmond ‘DSP’ Powell
13. Peace Love Unity Respect
14. Come To Me ft. Sha-Lor
15. WTF (World Transformation Force