Sony-Backed Music Label Liquid State Set To Take Over Asia As the electronic dance music scene expands its horizons, well-known American and European artists have joined the movement. Sony Music & Chinese streaming and tech giant, Tencent Music Entertainment, have teamed up to create a new Asia-based music label: Liquid State.

What does it mean? With EDM festivals like Storm in China, and Ultra all across Asia, over 60% the Asia-Pacific regions are EDM listeners. This population has since grown over the past 3 years.

Liquid State will develop original EDM content. Tencent’s streaming services, QQ Music, Kugou Music and Kuwo Music, Liquid State will surely capitalize on its large customer base. With their different media channels, Liquid State will also support its artists in China, like Alan Walker for instance.

To help integrate into Asia, there will be an ambassador for every major Asian country. Chinese superstar Chris Lee will be the ambassador for China, singer and actor Nicholas Tse will be the ambassador for Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Seungri from BIGBANG will be the ambassador for South Korea. All three regions have long standing relationships with Tencent Music Entertainment.

Here’s a sneak peak the initial roster: Chinese DJ Lizzy, Korean Duo Junkilla, Chinese American musician Zhu, and Dubai duo Hollaphonic are set to release music through the label this year!

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