Seemingly ever extending an impressive run memorable singles to soundtrack 2018, SLANDER return with their latest, “So Long“, a see-ya-never anthem penned with American Idol finalist Juliana Chahayed. Initially emerging as a shy day-dreamy headphone jam, the tune quickly gains confidence, propelled by a driving backbeat that lifts f to a bursting full bloomed realization, revealing itself as a bouncy tropical tinged summer jam self empowerment.

Opting to eschew the harder sides their sound for a skillful touch that perfectly compliments the “catch flights, not feels” sentiment Chahayed‘s lyrics, SLANDER instead showcase the power restraint, with infectious end results that land squarely on the target infinite replayability. Good luck with your future ex, because they’re blasting this one with the top down till they can’t even remember your name. “So Long” is out now on Monstercat.