Skrillex fans have been a patient bunch. Waiting day to day, year to year for the man who revolutionized bass music to return to making dubstep. In 2017 we saw many releases from Skrillex as well as tracks he produced for other artists. So far in 2018, the artist has been a bit quieter. Now though we have some information on what he has been up to all this time. And apparently, it was designing a custom work out program for a FeelCycle, or the Japanese equivalent of SoulCycle.

SoulCycle is the exercise program which has taken over North America. It involves pedaling on a stationary bike in a room full of people doing the same, listening to music while a moderator shouts inspiration at you. I never got the appeal, but they without a doubt nailed their business model. It is only expected that other countries would follow suit.

The Japanese SoulCycle, FeelCycle has brought Skrillex on to curate a specialized workout exclusively for the company. They launched the announcement in the video below. Honestly I thought it was a joke until Skrillex comes on at the very end. Hey who knows? Maybe there will be some unreleased music in there! Check out the video below.