Fitting right into the mould of Jon Hopkins or Mark Pritchard but with his own, unique composition style - Liverpool-based producer Tom Ashbrook is crafting some of the most beautiful electronic-classical compositions you’re likely to hear in 2021. Joyfully soaring through lush string sounds to rich analogue synth layers, "30five" is a powerful journey climaxing with a live drum outro. It’s a track that keeps the listener guessing throughout, with a production style that sits perfectly between the serene and the powerful.

You can hear Ashbrook’s classical background throughout his work -- there’s a superior musical brain at work throughout his music. His obsession started with film soundtracks, leading to working on classical compositions. This soon led to a passion for the production side of composition, working alongside Julia Church on their incredible alt-electronic single "Souvenir" and a collaboration with Ruby Duff on "Not My Love."

"30five" is the penultimate track before the release of his new album in May. The album is a stunning piece of work that crosses boundaries of electronica, classical and ambient. Speaking on the new single, Ashbrook states:

"'30five' represents my journey to reaching the age of 35. It feels like a tipping point, nearing a scary half way point in life. I wanted to include my vocal in this one to heighten the pressure that builds and builds, leading to a sudden release when the epic drums come in. I’ve had the chance to work with some incredible musician friends on this album, helping me take the tracks to where I wanted them to go, a whole other level. '30five' in particular is very special because of that. To me, '30five' celebrates overcoming obstacles with the help of family and friends."

Stream the song below.

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