Giampaolo Pasquile, an Italian producer, pianist, and arranger followed up on his previous chart-topping hits “What’s Going On,” and “Until The Rainbow Ends,” and released a brand new banger “Risk It All.”   The uplifting track showcases Giampaolo Pasquile’s need to motivate his listeners and give them an extra kick to move on and be risky. His outstanding melodies that are, by turns, poetic, and entertaining, but always deeply genuine and compassionate, represent a new wave in dance music where not only the beat has to raise the heartbeat, but also the message.    “Risk It All” features powerful and beautiful vocals blended with the robotic vibe in the song’s bridge. Giampaolo Pasquile’s innovative approach in creating the song's moods and switching tempos is his signature as one of the most talented European EDM artists on the scene right now.