Singer-songwriter Tayler Denae, better known as Denae, releases a new acoustic EP titled My Dark Place. A few months ago she had unveiled the original version of the same EP, a hard-hitting electronic version that received positive press worldwide. 

The stripped version is very different and yet offers a truly unique vibe that wasn’t present in the same way on the original version. 

Her vocals shine brighter than ever over the minimalist acoustic instrumentals, as she tackles mental health issues throughout the five songs listed. 

Alternating between fast-paced lyrical pop and rap vocals, she offers a sophisticated mix rare to find nowadays in most new releases. Her authenticity and raw honesty when it comes to conveying the feelings of someone going through mental health issues is inspiring and in a way, healing. It is by facing the dark side of her thoughts that she is able to extract substance and transform her pain into hypnotic songs that are universally relatable.