You may know the soulful vocals of Brando from his collaborations with Loud Luxury, Don Diablo, and most recently Matoma. Today, the L.A. singer-songwriter releases his most recent solo single titled “Millennial Rhapsody”. The track is beautifully simple with a soft guitar-chorded melody laid underneath Brando’s passionate vocals; proving you don’t have to go over the top with production to create something stunning.

Brando explains that, “The inspiration for ‘Millennial Rhapsody’ really came from that overwhelming feeling of loneliness you feel sometimes when you get rejected by a friend that you've always had a crush on. It's essentially about the thoughts you have about that person and how you imagine things going if you crossed that friendzone into something more. The idea for ‘Millennial Rhapsody’ came about in my incredibly creative writing session with co-writers Johnny What and Anders Grahna. We kicked around ideas on a cool guitar riff Anders had until we settled on the core of what ‘Millennial Rhapsody’ became.”

Brando – “Millenial Rhapsody” is available today Armada Music!