Simon Vuarambon and Tantum have joined forces to create an EP that embodies each of their unique sounds. Their collaboration stemmed from a mutual admiration for each other’s work, which resulted in three smashing tunes that John Digweed himself has been rinsing in his sets at some of the biggest clubs throughout the world.

Despite the geographical distance—Thomas in Berlin and Simon in Buenos Aires—they managed to create a cohesive project through remote collaboration. Regular video calls, project exchanges, and even a few in-person sessions during last year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) allowed them to refine their tracks and finalize the EP.

Simon expressed his gratitude for Bedrock Record’s label boss, highlighting that Digweed’s feedback and support were invaluable to ensure that the track hits as hard as it does while still maintaining both artists’ deeper and more emotional sounds.

Simon Vuarambon & Tantum – Arcade EP

Tantum’s use of modular setups and Simon’s unique workflows and adept musicality complemented each other, resulting in a sound neither could have achieved alone. Their collaboration was characterized by a smooth and productive process fueled by their aligned musical visions. This EP showcases their combined talents and sets the stage for future projects. As they continue to evolve, both artists remain committed to pushing their sound and exploring new musical frontiers.

Simon Vuarambon & Tantum Interview

How did you and Tantum come to collaborate on this EP?

Tantum: We both love each other’s sound and style and figured it would be a nice synergy to work on something together. We made track after track and the flow was just really great.

Given the distance, we worked by sending projects, making video calls, and even organizing some coffee shop sessions during last year’s ADE.

Simon: Yes definitely we love each other sound and we started to send each other ideas back and forth. We worked remotely, Thomas from his studio in Berlin and myself in Buenos Aires. And yes, some sessions during ADE helped us shape and fine tune the final sound of the EP in person. 

What was it like having John Digweed road-test your tracks at clubs around the world?

Simon: John is an amazing DJ, and his feedback and support mean a lot to me. Having the tracks released on such a legendary label like Bedrock, is truly a milestone.

Tantum: An amazing experience, of course; I’m proud our ideas got recognized by John and eventually released on Bedrock now

How do you balance both smooth and energetic elements in your tracks?

Tantum: I’m working a lot with the modular, which is a small but capable setup that I know all the ins and outs of. The collaboration was very interesting since we are both using different gear/workflows. I could learn a lot from Simon’s approach, and I do think the way both of us make music complements each other.

Simon: Similarly to Tantum, I learned a lot from his perspective, and I believe we achieved a musical result that we might not have reached on our own. Our visions align musically, so every idea brought to the table was welcome, making the process smooth and collaborative. It was both interesting and a lot of fun.

What advice would you give to young producers trying to break into the electronic music scene?

Tantum: As with many things in life, consistency is key. Try to make music as much as you can and come up with something truly original. Don’t let yourself be guided by what sound is trending right now.

Simon: Yes, consistency and patience are essential. With social media and the pressure it brings, it’s easy to feel like you should release more to stay relevant, but that isn’t always the best approach for a long-term career. I wouldn’t worry much about current trends since they change every few years. Just keep doing what you enjoy musically; hopefully, some people will appreciate it, allowing you to grow a genuine audience.

How do you see your music evolving in the next few years!

Simon: I would just like to keep pushing my sound as I’ve been doing it to see where it evolves naturally. 

Tantum: As for me, I want to pursue the “fringes” of prog music, I’m trying to push the genre and incorporate elements from minimal, melodic techno. I have a lot of ideas in my head that are waiting to be realized

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