Brand new London-based artist sheepzx has just released his debut EP, ‘Meditations’. A sensory trip for both the body and mind,‘Meditations’ was conceived out of the artist’s desire to share his fundamental approach to artistic electronic production:simultaneous dedication to dance and electronic aesthetics.

The result isa set of tracks equally suited to tearing up dark venues as they are to cerebral listening.Built from material developed throughout his time studying sound design, recording and musicology at two top institutions in London, the EP walks a stylistic tightrope. Tight, meticulous production brings themovement that makes it undeniablyvenue-ready, while musical influences ranging from early music to film scores to sound artoffersonic originality.

This releaseserves as the essential groundwork for imminent future releases, with sheepzx assuring listeners that he is barely scratching the surface ofhis vision. Withtwo dance singles also released earlier this yearand a full-length album in the works, sheepzx’s prolificinitial output looks set to continue. ‘Meditations’EP is available now on major streaming pla


About sheepzx:

London’s newest electronic act, sheepzx, has boldly set forth his authority as an artist and producer to be taken seriously with his debut EP, ‘Meditations’. Coming from a background of visual and sculptural artists, sheepzx was exposed to art in all its forms growing up but became particularly immersed in music study and performance.


An aptitude for computer hardware and software led him to rack up a decade ofproduction knowledge before turning 21, while an affinity with the vibrant dance and electronic music community sparked dedication to the scene at a young age. With this came an unwavering desire to bring meaning and value to people’s lives, just as it did for him as a child. In his pursuit of production greatness, sheepzx spent his teenage years studying recordings from all genres and musical cultures, as well as learning to engineer his own work.

Learning only from the best, he spent time in various London studios including Abbey Road, constantly grasping for the nuance that creates timelessness in a record. Determined to ensure a holistic approach to production, sheepzx studied sound design, studio recording, music technology, composition and musicology at two leading London universities, before deciding it was time to launch his career as an artist. Two dance singles and his debut EP ‘Meditations’ have been released so far in 2023. With a full-length album in the works, sheepzx’s prolific initial output looks set

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