Shawn Jackson is an undeniable force within the world of Electronic Music, a powerful Producer and multi-label owner, he is most certainly an influential name on the scene. His unique sound pushes the boundaries of the Deeptech and Tech House genres and is a confident expression of his unstoppable commitment to delivering electrifying and powerful productions. Shawn Jackson’s impressive catalogue of releases is the mark of a seasoned professional with decades of experience and, as he continues to deliver highly energetic productions, Shawn Jackson ensures that his name climbs higher on the list of innovative Producers and DJs in the Electronic Music realm. 

With over 200 chart-topping releases throughout his 30-year career, there is no denying that Shawn Jackson is a talented Producer and DJ; what sets him apart from his peers is his continuous search for compelling and potent sounds that cement his productions as an innovative addition to the landscape of Electronic Music. The signature style of Shawn Jackson is highly energetic, with tracks that deliver hard-hitting sonic details and hypnotising soundscapes, he curates an enthralling journey for the senses, taking listeners on an unmissable auditory adventure that always leaves them craving more. His impressive catalogue of releases keeps growing as he continues to drop new powerful productions at a constant rate; with a unique sonic identity that creatively extends the boundaries of genre norms, Shawn Jackson has a growing number of global followers that eagerly await the next chapter from this skilled Producer and DJ. 

When it comes to Shawn Jackson, there is no limit to his creativity; not only does he present an innovative approach to music production, but he also has an established place within the industry as a multi-label owner. In 2015, Shawn Jackson acquired the Spanish label Tres14 Music, originally founded by Rafa Barrios, and having worked to build the label’s reputation, Tres14 Music now stands as one of the most respected in the genre. With a platform to release his own music, as well as productions from a wide network of talented artists and Producers, Shawn Jackson’s place within the industry as an innovative force stands firm; on top of this, his launch of Driven Recordings, a platform solely meant for young artists, cements him as a supportive mentor with an unmatched commitment to the Electronic Music community. 

With an indisputable talent, undeniable passion, and solid industry standing, Shawn Jackson is a true star of the genre and a must-listen Producer for all enthusiasts of Electronic Dance Music. There is no doubt that Shawn Jackson will keep building momentum as he releases new music and remains a dedicated supporter of the genre.

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